Computer Redeployment

Computer Redeployment

Information Technology Services refreshes its computer labs every year. The computers being taken out are available for redeployment to eligible faculty and staff for use within Brock University.


  • To supply eligible faculty and administrative staff with standardized, current desktop computers that meet academic and administrative computing needs.


Standardized Hardware

Redeployment computers with a hardware failure can be swapped with working computers reducing down time.

Each system is deployed with full support from the manufacturer.


Full time faculty and administrative staff are eligible for redeployment computers.
The BUFA collective agreement states that each member can have one of either a redeployed computer or be allocated $700 every four years. Articles 32.02 and 32.03.

Requesting a Redeployment Computer:

Administrative staff are already included in our 4-year cycle and are automatically enrolled. 

Eligible faculty members can contact ITS directly or their Dean as per the BUFA agreement.

To request a computer please click the following link: Request a Redeployment Computer


Computers obtained through this program remain the property of Brock University.

Other Equipment

If you are looking for other IT equipment, from surplus, please fill out a Support Request form indicating what equipment you are looking to find for use within Brock University.