XEROX Tips & Tricks

XEROX Tips & Tricks

XEROX  Colour or B&W Phaser 8860/8570/7760/7750/5550/5500/4510/4500

Printing Options via TRAY 1 (MPT)
(MPT = Multi-Purpose-TRAY...all paper sizes)


  1. Manual paper-trays can accommodate various “paper-sizes and types”.
  2. When the “paper-tray-guides” are moved, the printer requires these settings to be acknowledged and entered in the “printer-setup” and “paper-handling” options menu.


  1. Check the LCD-Panel for a “READY-To-Print” prompt
  2. ADD your Tabloid (11X17) paper to TRAY 1 (MPT)
  3. ADJUST your GREY "guide-rails" to Tabloid (11X17) paper
  4. The printer will BEEP and the RED light will flash
  5. Select the Large BLUE-OK button to accept the new “paper-size & type”
  6. Select Printer Setup, then Paper Handling Setup in the LCD-Display menu
  7. Check that TRAY 1 (MPT) is set for 
        TRAY 1 (MPT) - Setup = OK: Tabloid (11X17) & Paper Type = Plain (AUTO Sensed)
        TRAY 2 - Setup = OK: Letter (8.5X11) & Paper Type = Plain (AUTO Sensed)
  8. ALL XEROX printer trays will AUTO-Sense for the paper-size being added & prompt you to click the Large BLUE-OK button on the panel.
  9. Opening and Closing “any” TRAY will ask you to indicate if the “paper size or type” has changed or is the same  Please select the large BLUE-OK-button on the printer:
        Confirm TRAY 1 (MPT) Paper...OK: Tabloid (11X17) - Plain
        Confirm TRAY 2 Paper...OK: Letter (8.5X11) - Plain
  10. TRAY 1 (MPT) will also accept Legal (8.5X14) - Plain, and other METRIC - A3/A4 sizes or MONARCH #10 Envelopes
  11. Please reset ALL-TRAYS to our ITS operating standard of:
        TRAY 1 = Tabloid (11X17) - Plain
        TRAY 2 = Letter (8.5X11) - Plain