Printer Selection Considerations

Printer Selection Considerations


When selecting a new printer, there are several considerations you should be aware of before purchasing that new printer.


How much will this printer be used? It is important to identify the quantity of printing your department requires. Selecting a printer that is too small for the job will result in high operating costs and poor printer reliability. Selecting a printer that is too big for the job results in high initial costs. As a rule, it is generally better to buy a printer that exceeds your immediate requirements. To help you select the right printer for your needs, our "Printer Model Recommendations" list classifies printers into 3 categories:

1. Entry-level: Good for small number of users (2 - 10 users depending on usage).
2. Mid-level: Recommended for moderate number of users (5 - 20 users depending on usage).
3. High-level: Recommended for high number of users (15 -40 users depending on usage)



Printer costs can be deceiving. Have you ever wondered how a manufacturer can sell that printer for so little? Well, manufacturers will frequently sell a printer below the cost of manufacture in the hope they can make substantial profits on the consumables (ink, toner, maintenance kits, etc.). As a general rule of thumb, the more expensive the printer, the less it will cost to run. Selecting the right printer helps lower the printer's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Xerox's Cost-Per-Page Analysis



Environmental stewardship is becoming an increasing concern in our world and within the Brock University community.  Did you know that the global warming impact of a laser printer is 86% paper, 8% energy, and 6% cartridge?*   That is, reducing paper usage of a laser printer is the best way to reduce the global warming effects of printing.*  If we practice "sustainable printing", we can reduce the footprint left by printers and significantly reduce printing costs.  Here are some "sustainable printing" tips:

  1. Purchase a printer with a duplexer.  A duplexer allows for 2-sided printing and significantly reduces paper usage.
  2. Use the Print Preview feature before printing and avoid wasteful mistakes.