Sharilyn J. Ingram

Faculty of Humanities

Sharilyn J. Ingram

Rank: Assistant Professor
Department: Studies in Arts and Culture (SFPA)
Ext: 4561

Work currently in progress, or about to be begun, along with indication of when the project is likely to culminate and what form it will take:
* “Creating Social Value”: review of alignment of museum mission and structure with social relevance (presentation, APGA annual conference, June 2008)
* reviewer for International Journal of Arts Management, January 2008
* arts influences in concept and design of Ganna Walska Lotusland (commencing in June 2008; possible article for Journal of Garden History)
* “Leadership Styles and Self-Perception of Success Factors” (commencing in October 2008 as submission to International Journal of Museum Management and Curatorship)
* textbook on cultural management in Canada: outline of contents prepared (2007), confirmation of editorial board (2008), confirmation of contributors (2008-09), further discussions with potential publishers (2008-09)
* Russell Yuristy Retrospective (co-curator and essayist), Moose Jaw Art Museum and Art Gallery, 2009 [date dependent on Canada Council funding]
* organizing committee for second international symposium, Greenscapes ~ Sense and Meaning (October 2009)
* Monet at Giverny (ongoing)

Work previously undertaken, research achievements or projects completed:

* “The Spafford Collection of Ceramics”, catalogue essay (co-author), Moose Jaw Art Museum and Art Gallery, June 2007
* “Artists Gardens in the Garden City”, presentation (October 2006) and jury selection (May 2007), St. Catharines and Area Arts Council
* “Creating Meaning in Public Gardens”, presentation, AABGA annual conference, June 2004
* “Gardens of the Future”, presentation, Canada Blooms, March 2002
* “Monet and Giverny: Garden and Art”, presentation at MacKenzie Art Gallery/University of Regina, Cornell University, January & October 2001
* Proposed Realignment of Vancouver Civic Museums, report to City of Vancouver Office of Cultural Affairs, 2002-03
* Strategic Plan for the London Museum of Archaeology, University of Western Ontario, 2004
* “The challenge of public service.” Closing plenary, Ontario Museum Association annual conference, October 1997
* “Management/People/Survival: a proposed new paradigm for museums.” Canadian Museums Association annual conference, July 1994.
* definition and design of museum competencies as member of Human Resources Joint Advisory Committee (Canadian Museums Association/Industrial Adjustment Strategy, HRDC), 1992-95
* To Safeguard and Share the National Heritage, Funding for Canada’s Museums, and Museums in Canada: the Federal Contribution – position papers on issues of national policy, 1985-87
* development of legislative proposals for Museums of Canada Act, 1987-90
* design of cultural funding programs, Government of Canada/Museum Assistance Programmes (1978-80), Government of Saskatchewan/Culture and Youth (1982-83)

Research Grants held (including dates) and Research Awards or Honours:
* HRI grant as co-organizer of symposium Greenscapes ~ Sense and Meaning, Brock, October 2007
* Fellow, Canadian Museums Association (2005)
* Museums Assistance Program (research, production, circulation): Green Legacy/Patrimoine verte (national travelling exhibition on rare and endangered plants), 1999-2001
* Canada/France Accord: study tour of French botanic gardens and garden festivals (1999)

Areas of Research Interest (in brief):
* leadership in cultural institutions with particular reference to organizational behaviour and issues of social value
* the intersections of gardens and art, including intentionality of meaning, reception theory, and environmental psychology
* Monet at Giverny: interrelationship between garden and art