Marlene Moser

Faculty of Humanities

Marlene Moser

Rank: Associate Professor
Department: Dramatic Arts
Ext: 3213

Work currently in progress, or about to be begun, along with indication of when the project is likely to culminate and what form it will take:
My primary area of research addresses issues of identity, especially as informed by narrative, postmodernism and performance. In February 2004 I will be directing Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest at the Sean O'Sullivan Theatre. I am also pursuing intersections of narrative and identity in the work of playwrights Judith Thompson, Margaret Hollingsworth and Djanet Sears.

A secondary area of research involves praxis as pedagogy, in which practical theatre study and dramatic literature and theory are integrated in the classroom.

Work previously undertaken, research achievements or projects completed:
White Room: an interactive new media installation. with Crevice ( exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. January 2003.

"Ideology as Behaviour: Identity and Realism in The Drawer Boy."Modern Drama. Summer 2002: 231-45.

"On Praxis: A Pedagogical Approach." in G. Belliveau, M.Moser and J. Poulsen. "Teaching in the Academy." Theatre Research in Canada. (in press)

"Reconfiguring Home: Geopathology and Heterotopia in Margaret Hollingsworth's The House that Jack Built and It's Only Hot for Two Months in Kapuskasing." Theatre Research in Canada. (in press)

Research Grants held (including dates) and Research Awards or Honours:
2002: Instructional Technology Grant
2000-01: New Faculty Research Grants
1993-1994: Ontario Graduate Scholarship
1992-1993: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellowship

Areas of Research Interest (in brief):
identity, postmodernism, feminism; contemporary Canadian drama and theatre, popular culture