STAC: Centre for Studies in Arts and Culture


Dramatic Arts
The Theatre Program has a variety of facilities including 3 stages and numerous workshops to allow students to work in all aspects of design, set building, wardrobe and rehearsal.

Students have access to the following facilities at Brock:

  • 543-seat Sean O'Sullivan Theatre with its thrust stage
  • The Studio Theatre, a 99-seat proscenium stage (renovated 2009)
  • The Playhouse Theatre, a 508-seat proscenium theatre
  • three Acting studios, including Black which doubles as a 'black box' theatre (renovated 2005, 2009)
  • Scenery and properties construction workshops
  • Wardrobe workshop
  • Wardrobe Storage for 7000 items (new 2009)
  • Design Studio (renovated 2005)
  • Green Room/student lounge
  • For more information about the two large performing venues, please click here.

Facilities in the Music department include a choral studio and library, a Boesendorfer concert grand piano, Yamaha and Heintzman grand pianos, a two-manual Dowd harpsichord, a Casavant chamber organ and a set of percussion instruments. Individual sound-proofed practice rooms are available for students studying applied music and keyboard skills. Concerts, recitals and performance classes are held in the 543-seat Sean O'Sullivan Theatre and in the Martin Luther Chapel, Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary. A Kingham and Pole seven-rank pipe organ is located in the Chapel.

The Sound and Video Collection, located on the fifth floor of the Library, contains 24 individual study carrels. The listening room is equipped with computers, tape and video cassette recorders, as well as record, compact disc, and laser disc players. The Library has an extensive collection of records, compact discs, video tapes, laser discs and CD-ROMS. There is a substantial collection of music reference and literature, collected editions, scores and specialized music journals.

The department has a computer music laboratory which includes Macintosh and IBM compatible computers. Students have access to MIDI keyboards and to ear-training, advanced sequencing and notation programs.

Visual Arts
The Department of Visual Arts is now located at 573 Glenridge Ave. with significantly expanded facilities that enable students to carry out work in drawing, painting, photography, installation, digital media and video.

The VISA Department facilities include:

  • Drawing and Painting Studio
  • Interdisciplinary Arts Studio
  • Digital Arts Lab - iMac
  • Graphics and Interactive Media Lab - Mac Intel G5
  • Honours studios at Rodman Hall Arts Centre
  • Video Editing Suite - 2 MAC G5
  • Art Supply Store
  • Darkroom ~ black & white enlargement & developing capability
  • Image and Video Resources Library
  • Gallery in the Brock Centre for the Arts

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