Arts and Culture: Brock graduates doin' it right.

STAC: Centre for Studies in Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture: Brock graduates doin' it right.

Arts and Culture: Brock graduates doin' it right.

The Main Event at Rodman Hall

Here are profiles of graduates from Brock University making a difference in the Niagara Region. 

The first group are all part of the Niagara Artists Centre, a not-for-profit, charitably registered, member-driven collective formed by and dedicated to serving the working artists and community of Niagara. Founded in 1969 as a collective of working artists, NAC is one of the oldest artist-run organizations in Canada. 

The second is a graduate who is leading the way here at Brock's Centre for the Arts, our regional presenting performance venue.

(photo: THE MAIN EVENT at Rodman Hall (Brock University) held in conjunction with Graeme Paterson's Grudge Match, an artists' wrestling extravaganza that proved to be everything you never expected.)

STRUTT the Wearable Art Show

The Niagara Artists Centre

A key player in the regional cultural scene of Niagara, their cultural programming is world-class, hip, and a lot of fun.  Every year students in STAC make fieldtrips to see and participate in their events. 

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(photo:  screen shot taken from a promotional video made for NAC’s very successful annual fundraiser STRUTT, NAC's Wearable Art Show.)

Sara Palmieri

What does it mean to have a life in Arts and Culture in Niagara?  Here’s a profile of a Brock graduate who is carving out a successful career with our professional affiliate, the Centre for the Arts.  Sara took many of the courses that constitute the STAC program.

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