Master of Arts in Philosophy Program

Faculty of Humanities

Master of Arts in Philosophy Program


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Andrew Tebbutt Phd in Religious Studies University of Toronto
Megan Penney Phd in Philosophy Guelph University
Adam Langridge Phd in Philosophy Guelph University
David Corman Phd in Philosophy McMaster University
Rayme Michaels, since his Master's, authored two books and has his own copy-editing business.

Jason Dockstader MA & PhD in Critical Theory; University of Western Ontario – Now a lecturer in Philosophy at Cork University, Ireland.
Andrew K. Whitehead (Class of 2008), Assistant Professor in Philosophy at Kennesaw State University





Where some students are now:

PhD in Philosophy; Guelph University
PhD in Philosophy; York University
PhD in Philosophy; Penn State
PhD in Philosophy; University of New Mexico
M.A in the Studies in Comparative Literature and Arts; Brock University
M.A in Popular Culture; Brock University
MA in Library Science
Students pursue second MA at Brock after completion of Philosophy MA