Brian Lightbody

Brian Lightbody

Graduate Program Director, Associate Professor (B.A. McMaster, B.A. Brock, M.A. Brock, Ph.D. Dominican University College, Ottawa)

Department of Philosophy
Brock University
St. Catharines, ON L2S 3A1
Office:  Room 268 at 573 Glenridge Ave.
Winter Term Office Hours: Monday: 12 - 1 pm or by appointment
Telephone: (905) 688-5550 ext. 5313/3315

Areas of Specialization:
Action Theory, 19-20th century Continental Philosophy, Philosophical Genealogy, Nietzsche, Foucault and Epistemology

Areas of Competence:
Bioethics, Logic, Philosophy of History, Ethics

Publications (selection):

Books (Monographs):

  • Lightbody, Brian. Dispersing the Clouds of Temptation. Turning Away From Weakness of Will and Turning Towards the Sun. (Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Press, A Division of Wipf and Stock Publishers), 2015. 142 P.
  • Lightbody, Brian. The Problem of Naturalism: Analytic Perspectives, Continental Virtues. (Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books, a division of Rowman and Littlefield), 2013. 146p.
  • Lightbody, Brian. Philosophical Genealogy: An Epistemological Reconstruction of Nietzsche and Foucault's Philosophical Genealogy (New York: American University Studies Series V. Vol. 9, Peter Lang USA, Publishers Inc) Vol. 2, 2011. 176p.
  • Lightbody, Brian. Philosophical Genealogy: An Epistemological Reconstruction of Nietzsche and Foucault’s Genealogical Method (New York: American University Studies V. Vol. 8, New York: Peter Lang Press, USA, Publishers Inc.), Vol. 1, 2010. 203p.

Books: Co-edited Volumes:

  • DeRoo, Neal and Lightbody, Brian. Editors. The Logic of Incarnation. James K. A. Smith's Critique of Postmodern Religion.(Eugene: Oregon, Pickwick Publications (a division of Wipf and Stock Publishers), 2008, 232p.

Books Chapters:

  • Lightbody, Brian. "Indecidability and 'Undecidability': Does Derrida's Ethics Depend on Levinas' Notion of the Third?" (Chapter Four of The Logic of Incarnation. James K.A. Smith's Critique of Postmodern Religion) pp. 71-84.

Refereed Articles:

  • Lightbody, Brian and Berman, Michael. "The Metaphoric Fallacy to a Deductive Inference". Informal Logic: Reasoning and Argumentation in Theory and Practice, Vol. 30, No. 2, 2010, pp. 185-193.
  • Lightbody, Brian. "Can We Truly Love That Which is Fleeting? The Problem of Time in Marcuse's Eros and Civilization." The Florida Philosophical Review, Volume X Number 1 Summer 2010, pp. 25-42.
  • Lightbody, Brian. “Nietzsche, Perspectivism, Anti-Realism: An Inconsistent Triad”, The European Legacy: Towards New Paradigms, Vol. 15 issue 4, 2010, pp. 425-438.
  • Lightbody, Brian.Responding to the Call: Philosophy as Human Wonderment,” Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism (A Journal of the American Humanist Association), 16(1), Spring-Summer 2008, pp. 27-37.
  • Lightbody, Brian. “Theseus vs. The Minotaur: Finding the Common Thread in the Foucault Chomsky-DebateStudies in Social and Political Thought, Issue 8, Spring 2003, 67-83.

Current Research activities:

  • Nietzsche and Naturalism, Metaphors and Fallacies, the Philosophy of Emotions. Recent Teaching Activities: Foucault, Introduction to Philosophy, Bioethics, Logic.