SCLA Course Offerings

SCLA Course Offerings

Program for 2013 – 2014 

Fall Term:

SCLA 5P01 Prof. Catherine Parayre
Comparative Critical Theory in Literature and the Arts

Contemporary approaches to texts of various types, discursive and aesthetic traditions, possibilities and problems arising from comparative studies. Theories of translation and adaptation.

Comparative Critical Theory in Literature and the Arts: Applications

Applications of critical theory to the interdisciplinary study of theatre, visual arts and music.

SCLA 5P03 Prof. Derek Knight, Prof. David Fancy and Prof. Brian Power
Critical Theory and the Arts

An examination of the modes of production, reception and analysis of art from its inception to its cultural, institutional or ideological transformation. Workshop format.

Note: field trips may be required.

Winter Term:

SCLA 5P62 Prof. Leah Bradshaw
Birth of the Sentimental Self

(also offered as POLI 5P62)
Exploration of modern notions of selfhood and subjectivity, their impact on moral and political understanding. Topics include reverie, confession, hypocrisy, genius, romanticism.

SCLA 5P75 Prof. David Fancy
Advanced Studies in Aesthetics

An in-depth examination of a specific aesthetic question explored by artists and thinkers of a specific time period. Questions may include: the function of art, art as representation, the role of theory in the production of art, the role of art in the development of theory.

SCLA 5P80 Prof. Leslie Boldt
Transgression, Interdiction, and Limits of Expression

Death, eroticism, and other limit-experiences in 20th century literature and the arts. Works that attempt to speak, write, and depict that which resists or forbids expression.

Spring Term:

MA Thesis

Major Research Essay 



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