El-Hoss, Tamara

Faculty of Humanities

El-Hoss, Tamara

Degrees Granted

Ph.D., French Literature, University of Toronto.
M.A., French Literature, University of Toronto.
B.A., French Studies, York University.


Research Interests

  • Post-colonial Francophone literatures (Maghreb, Sub-Saharan Africa, Caribbean).
  • "Beur” (i.e. descendants of Muslim Arab immigrants from North Africa/the Maghreb) artistic output: literature, film, music, …
  • (Im)Migrant identity:  gender roles, queer identity, trauma, diaspora.
  • Cultural, religious and linguistic métissage.
  • Graphic novel & bande dessinée 


Selected list of publications

"Am I the 'Monster', or Are You? The Representation of the (In)Human in Mathieu Kassovitz's La Haine", eBook of the 7th Global Conference on Monsters and the Monstrous: Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil, September 14-17, 2009, Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, UK.

"Construction identitaire 'beur' dans la bande dessinée Black Blanc Beur: Les folles années de l'intégration de Farid Boudjellal et Larbi Mechkour" in Quo Vadis Romania, 41/2013, pp.83-93.

"Maghrebian Diaspora and Immigrant Identity in Farid Boudjellal's L'Oud: La Trilogie", eBook of the 2nd Global Conference: The Graphic Novel, September 23-25, 2013, Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, UK. (In Press)

"Veiling/Unveiling in Tahar Ben Jelloun's The Sand Child: Disguise and Deception of the Female Protagonist", in Image and Imagery: Disguise, Deception, Trompe L'Oeil. Ed. Leslie Boldt-Irons, Corrado Federici, Ernesto Virgulti. New York: Peter Lang, 2009, pp.149-160.

"The Zombie's 'Great Escape' in René Depestre's Hadriana dans tous mes rêves", in Monstrous Deviations in Literature and the Arts. Ed. Adriana Spahr and Cristina Santos. Inter-Disciplinary Press, UK, 2011, pp.81-93.


Selected list of courses taught at Brock


  • FREN 2F03     Literature and Culture: The French-Speaking World
  • FREN 2P65     Culture and Civilization of France to 1700
  • FREN 2P95     Francophone Cultures and Civilizations
  • FREN 3P53     Twentieth-Century French Literature to 1935
  • FREN 3P65     Culture and Civilization of France from 1700 to the Present
  • FREN 3P83     African Literature in French
  • FREN 3P84     Caribbean Literature in French
  • FREN 3P87     Maghrebian Literature in French
  • FREN 4P80     “Beur” Literature and Film
  • FREN 4P96     Critical Theory and Methodology


  • SCLA 5P02     Comparative Methodologies (team taught)
  • SCLA 5P79     The Depiction of the Caribbean and African Exotic.  


Prof. El-Hoss

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