MLLC Faculty and Staff

Faculty of Humanities

MLLC Faculty and Staff

Cora Solway, Administrative Assistant
905-688-5550, Ext. 3312

Liz Hay, Academic Adviser, Faculty of Humanities
905-688-5550, Ext. 5101


Amprimoz, Alexandre Professor        In Memoriam
Please contact the departmental office: 905-688-5550, Ext. 3312;

Beckett, Sandra Professor (retired)

Bielicki, Diane Lecturer
office: 230, MCA
extension: 3589; email:

Blayer, Irene Maria F. Professor
extension: 3304; email:

Boldt, Leslie Professor
office: 232, MCA
extension: 3983; email:

Breitenstein, Renée-Claude Assistant Professor
office: 233, MCA
extension: 5889; email:

Colella, Carmela Associate Professor, Director of Italian Studies
office: 331, GLN-B
extension: 3302; email:

El-Hoss, Tamara Associate Professor 
office: 231, MCA
extension: 5212; email:

Federici, Corrado Professor
office: 333, GLN-B
extension: 3309;

Heyer, Astrid Assistant Professor, Coordinator of FREN1F50 and FREN 1F90
office: 234, MCA
extension: 5406, email:

Koustas, Jane Professor
office: 213, MCA
extension: 4314; email:

Lezama, Nigel Assistant Professor
office: MC A214
extension: 5688; email:

Ntakirutimana, Jean B. Associate Professor
office: 228, MCA
extension: 3307; email:

Parayre, Catherine Associate Professor, Director of French Studies, and Coordinator of FREN 2F03
office: 329, GLN-B
extension: 4849; email:

Ruan, Felipe Associate Professor 
office: 280, GLN
extension: 5331; email:

Santos, Cristina Associate Professor
office: 211, MCA
extension: 4498;

Virgulti, Ernesto Associate Professor
office: 217, MCA
extension: 3306; email:

Professors Emeriti:

Dennis Essar, Ph.D.

Leonard Rosmarin, Ph.D.

Herbert Shutz, Ph.D.

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There are no events at this time.