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INTC 1F90: Foundations of Intercultural Studies

Taught by Professor Jeff Reichheld, INTC 1F90 examines today's world as understood from different cultural perspectives. Topics include cultural similarities and differences, intercultural contact and communication, and preparation for international experience. Seminar readings explore cultural themes in imaginative, historical and expository texts.

Lectures for this course are presented in the usual way, but all seminars are offered on-line via WebCT. Because they use asynchronous communication, these seminars allow students to participate at any time of day, depending on their schedule and preferences. Online seminar work includes discussions, problem-solving, and both individual and group presentations. For additional guidance, the professor also remains in the classroom to meet interested students for up to an hour after every lecture.

INTC 1F90 is a 'Humanities Context' course. As such, it offers considerable practice and instruction in paragraph and essay writing. Students preparing assignments for INTC 1F90 should consult the Style Guide, which provides explanations and examples of fundamental issues relating to style, planning, references, and library research techniques.

INTC 1P20:  Introduction to Global Transitions
Year Experience Cultural similarities and differences and their impact on intercultural contact and communication. Topics include cultural adjustment, expectation management, conflict resolution and self-knowledge in the light of international experience.  Note: offered online.

INTC 2F05: Global Transitions
Year Experience Project Online reporting and discussion of international experience leading to final written account and colloquium.  Note: Blended format, offered partially online.

INTC 2P94: Theories and Models of Intercultural Relations
This is the required second-year course for the Minor. Building on INTC 1F90, it examines a range of alternative theories and models of intercultural contact and communication between individuals and groups.

This course is designed to provide students minoring in Intercultural Studies with a strong grasp of the theoretical underpinnings of the field, in particular through readings of primary sources covering theory and research related to models of intercultural relations. As such, it is a valuable precursor to INTC 3P92 andINTC 4P50.

INTC 3P92: Applications of Theories and Models in Intercultural Studies
Required third-year course for the Minor. The course examines practical applications of the kind of theoretical models studied in INTC 2P94, as exemplified through such endeavors as group collaboration, negotiation, and conflict resolution in diverse settings.

Thus, INTC 3P92 allows students - who by now have a growing background in the field of intercultural studies - to develop a firm sense of ways in which this discipline can not only explain but also influence real-world processes and consequences.

INTC 4P50: Themes in Intercultural Studies
This is an honours-year seminar course. Participation in a series of lectures and discussions fosters an intellectually rich environment in which participants can each develop and share their own individually-designed major research paper over the course of a term.

This course provides a stimulating opportunity to explore intercultural contact and communication from two, mutually beneficial perspectives: broad themes introduced throughout the Minor itself, and also more area-specific considerations arising from the particulars of each student's Major field.