Faculty of Humanities


 Newsflash: New Global Transitions Program for September 2011

Looking for a great way to begin your university career at Brock  
University while at the same time gain meaningful overseas volunteer  
experience in areas such as; health and medical, teaching, social and  
community, construction, and conservation.  Brock University in  
collaboration with Basecamp International Centers will be offering a  
new program for High School Graduates.
High School Graduates accepted into the Global Transitions Program  
will take an on-line course through the Centre for Intercultural  
Studies (INTC 1P20) during the summer months (July to August) before  
going overseas for a four month period (September to December) to a  
select number of countries involved in the program. While overseas  
students will take INTC 2F05 on-line (September to December).  
Students will then be eligible to pursue a minor in Intercultural  
Studies alongside their major (in any discipline).

The two courses in the Global Transitions Program offered through the  
Centre for Intercultural Studies include:

Introduction to Global Transitions
Year Experience Cultural similarities and differences and their impact  
on intercultural contact and communication. Topics include cultural  
adjustment, expectation management, conflict resolution and  
self-knowledge in the light of international experience.
Note: offered online.

Global Transitions
Year Experience Project Online reporting and discussion of  
international experience leading to final written account and  
Note: Blended format, offered partially online.