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Baluchi Identity and Culture Workshop

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Photo Gallery Exhibition

Photo Gallery Exhibition

Photo Gallery Exhibition

Photo Gallery Exhibition


Musical Performance

Mehdi Rezania

Mehdi Rezania: Artistic Director

The program will include folklore music of eastern and southern Iran and Persian classical pieces in the same mode. The maqam (mode) for this program is called "Shoor/Shur" which is popular in eastern Iran and in the repertoire of Persian classical music. Radif (the repertoire of Persian classical music) has many similarities with folklore music in both scales and melodic characteristics. In fact the Radif is a compilation of folklore music of different regions of Iran with few modification made by masters who practiced them. The folklore and classical pieces will be played side by side to demonstrate their similarities and connections.



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Workshop Organizers:
Behnaz Mirzai, Brock University, Canada

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