Master of Arts in History Program

Faculty of Humanities

Master of Arts in History Program

Nicholas Timmers

Supervisor: Dr. R. Andrew McDonald

I am researching the later Christianizaton process (the development of the established church) of the Scottish Northern Isles (particularly Orkney) during the 12th and 13th centuries.

I have had a great experience with the program.  While I wish the program had a more medieval focus in terms of the course work, the co-op position which I had has more than made up for it.  Between May and September of 2013, I worked as an intern for the Centre for Nordic Studies in Shetland, as a part of the co-op portion of my degree.  In this position, I helped the Centre for Nordic Studies build a Viking database as well as organize and assist with the annual Viking Summer School in Shetland.  Another perk of the position is that I worked in the same place as the history I am studying, which has enabled me to conduct great research! 

Upon graduating I realize that I have many options available to me.  I have seriously considered applying for a PhD but I also know that there are other positions I would thoroughly enjoy.  

To be completely honest I am not sure what I want to do when I graduate. I am thinking about graduating and seeing where my History degree will take me, which includes a number of career paths!

Through the co-op aspect of the History program I have learned many practical strategies which will help me in the future.  I have learned how to apply my research skills in a professional position, instead of a student paper.  I realized that my skills which I have developed over the past 5 years are easily transferable.  It was nice putting them to practical use.  I am also looking forward to writing my Master's Research Paper.  I am eager to go through the steps of writing a paper, which is similar to a scholarly journal article, and going through some of the steps of a professional historian.

I had a great experience as an undergraduate student at Brock University.  This played a major role in my decision to go to Brock University for my Master's degree.  Another major reason I chose Brock University is because Dr. R. Andrew McDonald would have been my supervisor.  He is a great professor and is very helpful as a supervisor.  He also has many connections within the field of Viking history.  He has given me numerous suggestions of scholars which I should contact and this has greatly improved my research as well as connected me with the academic network.

I think Brock University's Master of Arts History program is a great program.  I do like that it exposes you to numerous areas of history and it introduces new historical strategies. It is also nice having a small program because you really get know to your colleagues both professors and other students.  We had a really nice group this year, and I have made some great new friends!  Overall, I have really enjoyed the program!



Viking Project in Shetland