Mark G. Spencer


Mark G. Spencer

Dr. Spencer has published fourteen volumes, including The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of the American Enlightenment (2015) and David Hume and Eighteenth-Century America (2005), his monograph which University of Rochester Press reissued in a paperback edition (2010). That book was based on his PhD dissertation which was awarded a Governor General’s Gold Medal (UWO) and also the John Bullen Prize of the Canadian Historical Association as the best history PhD in Canada in 2001.

Much of his research involves the dissemination of ideas in the 18th-C British Atlantic world. Some has been published in books he has edited or co-edited, including David Hume: Historical Thinker, Historical Writer (2013), Ulster Presbyterians in the Atlantic World: Religion, Politics and Identity (co-edited with David A. Wilson, 2006), Utilitarians and Their Critics in America, 1789-1914 (co-edited with James E. Crimmins, 4 vols, 2005), and Hume’s Reception in Early America (2 vols, 2002). He has also edited several classic texts, including writings by John Locke (2014), Karl Marx (2013), and Adam Smith (2012).

His essays have appeared in periodicals such as The William and Mary Quarterly, Hume Studies, and Eighteenth-Century Studies, or as chapters in books such as The Enlightenment in Scotland in Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment (2015). He enjoys writing for scholarly reference books (over 100 short essays) and he reviews regularly for academic journals in several disciplines and for newspapers, such as the Times Literary Supplement and the Wall Street Journal.

He sits on the Editorial Boards of Enlightenment & Dissent and Hume Studies, is a Consulting Editor for The European Journal/Rivista Europea, is a Board member of the Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society (also its past-President), and a founding Trustee of the Robert T. and Moira Sansom Ideas Foundation.

Professor Spencer teaches courses at all levels, including upper-level lecture courses and graduate seminars on the American Enlightenment and the American Revolution. He is always interested to supervise graduate students in his areas of expertise.

He is on sabbatical for 2015-2016.

Mark G. Spencer