Full-Time Instructors

Faculty of Humanities

Full-Time Instructors

Bonnett, John  Associate Professor
office: GL 249
extension: 5552; email: jbonnett@brocku.ca
office hours:  

Clark, Jessica  Assistant Professor

office: GL 237
extension: 3973; email:jclark3@brocku.ca

office hours:  

Driedger, Michael  Associate Professor
office: GL 221
extension: 3972; email: mdriedger@brocku.ca
on sabbatical

Friedman, Tami  Associate Professor
office: GL 225
extension: 3709; email: tfriedma@brocku.ca

office hours:  

Kee, Kevin  Associate Professor
office: GL 243
extension: 5554; email: kkee@brocku.ca

Kranjc, Gregor Assistant Professor
office: GL 245
extension: 6161; email: gkranjc@brocku.ca

on sabbatical in Winter Term

Lafferty-Salhany, Renee  Associate Professor
office: GL 239
extension: 4231; email: rlafferty@brocku.ca

office hours: 

Lux, Maureen   Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director
office: GL 219
extension: 5553; email: mlux@brocku.ca

office hours: 

McDonald, Andrew  Professor
office: GL 251
extension: 3569; email: amcdonal@brocku.ca
office hours: 

McLeod, Jane  Associate Professor
office: GL 241
extension: 3501; email: jmcleod@brocku.ca
office hours:  

Mirzai, Behnaz  Associate Professor
office: GL 253
extension: 5283; email: bmirzai@brocku.ca
office hours: 

Neswald, Elizabeth  Associate Professor
office: GL 227
extension: 5327; email: eneswald@brocku.ca

office hours: 

Ojo, Olatunji  Associate Professor
office: GL 255
extension: 5146; email: oojo@brocku.ca

office hours:  
Patrias, Carmela  Professor
office: GL 223
extension: 4037; email: cpatrias@brocku.ca

office hours: 
Samson, Daniel Associate Professor and Chair
office: GL 235
extension: 3503; email: dsamson@brocku.ca
Full sabbatical

Schimmelpenninck, David  Professor
office: GL 229
extension: 3507; email: dschimme@brocku.ca
office hours:  

Spencer, Mark Associate Professor 
office: GL 256
extension: 3506; email: mspencer@brocku.ca
 office hours:  

Suescun Pozas, Maria del Carmen Associate Professor
office: GL 247
extension: 5145; email: msuescunpozas@brocku.ca
office hours:  

Vlossak, Elizabeth Associate Professor
office: GL 217
extension: 4020; email: evlossak@brocku.ca
office hours:  

Wang, Ning Associate Professor
office: GL 231
extension: 3505; email: nwang@brocku.ca
office hours:  

Wickett, Murray Associate Professor

office: GL 233
extension: 3504; email: mwickett@brocku.ca
on sabbatical

Professors Emeriti

Hanyan, Craig Professor Emeritus
email: chanyan@cogeco.ca


Sainsbury, John  Professor Emeritus
email: jsainsbu@brocku.ca

Taylor, Robert R. Professor Emeritus
email: robandannetaylor@shaw.ca