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Why Choose This Program?

Roughly half of the students who have entered our program have gone on to PhD programs.  In addition to those programs listed on our Student Testimonials, our students have also been accepted into PhD programs at the University of Toronto,Western University, the University of Alberta, McMaster University, York University, and the University of Stirling (UK). However, we take great care to ensure that our students understand that PhD studies are not the only option for graduates with a strong Master of Arts.


All Master of Arts candidates have the opportunity to work as teaching assistants, the freedom to engage in research projects of their own design, access to faculty expertise to ensure that those projects are completed as professionally as possible, and the experience of organizing a year-end colloquium during which they can share their work-in-progress with the department, prospective candidates, and other key members of the University community.

Research at Brock: Text / Community / Discourse

As mutually informing concepts, the terms "text," "community" and "discourse" suggest the power of texts to reflect and shape both communities of origin and reception. Our MA focuses critical attention on the material and theoretical negotiations that attend the production, performance and reception of texts. Problems we study acquire richer significance when viewed in relation to how texts are produced  and used in  the often conflicting discourses that constitute the culture of a community. The Department's faculty are currently actively researching the intersections of texts, communities and discourses in a wide range of areas.


 "We bring our MA students the benefits of a closely-knit group of learners and teachers along with the intellectual reach achievable through our emphasis on advanced and independent research.  Our program has been shaped to challenge each carefully selected candidate throughout each stage of an intensive year of study in order to prepare for the widest possible range of career options afterward." - Professor Leah Knight, Graduate Program Director


Departmental Events

ESA Career Night
February 4, 2016 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm