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Faculty Members

Robert Alexander, Associate Professor
Office: GLN 139 Ext: 3886
E-mail: ralexander@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Areas: Writing and Rhetoric, Literary Theory
James Allard, Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director
Office: GLN 145 Ext: 3531
E-mail: jallard@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Areas: British Romantic Literature, Speculative Fiction
Lynn Arner, Associate Professor
Office: GLN 140 Ext: 5673
E-mail: larner@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Areas: late medieval English literature, contemporary theory, cultural studies, gender and women's studies
Gregory Betts, Associate Professor
Office: GLN 131 Ext: 5318
E-mail: gbetts@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Areas: Canadian Modernism, Avant-garde Canadian Poetry
Elspeth Cameron, Adjunct Professor
Office: GLN 157 Ext: 3469
E-mail: viking5@cogeco.ca
Teaching and Research Areas: Canadian literature, Canadian Studies
Natalee Caple, Assistant Professor
Office: GLN 153 Ext: 3155
E-mail: ncaple@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Areas:
Tim Conley, Professor
Office: GLN 125 Ext: 5196
E-mail: tconley@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Areas: Modernist Literature, Translation Theory, Poetry
Gale Coskan-Johnson, Assistant Professor
Office: GLN 133 Ext: 5001
E-mail: gcoskanjohnson@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Area: Writing and Rhetoric
Ronald Cummings, Assistant Professor
Office: GLN 150, Ext. 3739
E-mail: rcummings@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Area:
Martin Danahay, Professor
Office: GLN 129 Ext: 5203
E-mail: mdanahay@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Area: Victorian Literature and Culture
Adam Dickinson, Associate Professor
Office: GLN 102 Ext: 5315
E-mail: adickinson@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Areas: Poetics, Creative Writing, Literary Theory
Neta Gordon, Associate Professor
Office: GLN 156 Ext: 3863
E-mail: ngordon@brocku.ca
Teaching and Reserarch Areas: Contemporary Canadian Fiction, World War I Narratives
Ann Howey, Associate Professor & Chair
Office: GLN 147 Ext: 4302
E-mail: ahowey@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Areas: Young People's Literature, Arthurian and Speculative Fiction
Leah Knight, Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director
Office: GLN 137 Ext: 5379
E-mail: lknight@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Area: Early Modern Literature
Mathew Martin, Professor
Office: GLN 151 Ext: 3889
E-mail: mmartin@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Areas: Early Modern Literature, Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama, Trauma Theory
Andrew Pendakis, Assistant Professor
Office: GLN 155 Ext: 5319
E-mail: apendakis@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Area: Writing and Rhetoric
Marilyn Rose, Professor
Office: GLN 149 Ext: 3884
E-mail: mrose@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Areas: Twentieth-century Canadian Literature, Contemporary Poetry, Short Fiction
Elizabeth Sauer, Professor, Chancellor's Chair for Research Excellence 2001-2005
Office: GLN 135 Ext: 3887
E-mail: esauer@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Areas: Early Modern Literature, Milton
Barbara Seeber, Professor
Office: GLN 141 Ext: 3470
E-mail: bseeber@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Areas: Eighteenth-century Fiction, Jane Austen, Animal Studies
Sue Spearey, Associate Professor, Chancellor's Chair for Teaching Excellence 2005-2008
Office: GLN 143 Ext: 3885
E-mail: sspearey@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Areas: Post-colonial Literature and Theory, Trauma Theory
Carole Stewart, Associate Professor
Office: GLN 127 Ext: 5317
E-mail: Carole.Stewart@brocku.ca
Teaching and Research Areas: American Literature


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