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The Master of Arts in English is a traditional, research-intensive program designed primarily to prepare candidates to succeed at the highest levels in the academy.

Although still a small and relatively new program, Brock’s Master of Arts is quickly becoming one of the premier Master of Arts programs in the province.

Our program seeks to prepare all candidates to succeed at the highest levels of the academy and beyond.  While we are aware that not all who enter the program can or want to pursue doctoral studies, we believe that maintaining a demanding and rigorous intellectual and professional environment will help to ensure that all students who complete our program will have the best graduate experience possible and will have the widest range of options when they finish.  All aspects of the program are designed with those goals firmly in view.” – Professor James Allard







This Program includes a preferred Major Research Paper option and is designed to be completed in twelve months. A thesis option is also available under exceptional circumstances, with approval of the Graduate Program Director. The Major Research Paper option requires six courses plus a Research Paper; the Thesis Option requires four courses plus a thesis.


Our program emphasizes the details and discipline required for sustained research; the small group environment encourages students to develop both individual working habits and community-building skills; and the almost 2-to-1 faculty to student ratio ensures that the students in our program are among the best-mentored in any Master of Arts program in the province. We offer well-paid work experience to our TAs, support for professional development, and a friendly, collegial environment.