Tim Conley

Faculty of Humanities

Tim Conley

English Language & Literature


Office: GLN 125
E-mail: tconley@brocku.ca

Current Courses

on leave 2014-2015


PhD (Queen's University)
MA (McGill University)
BA (Hons.) (York University)

Research Interests

I have a wide range of critical interests, but generally speaking the field of twentieth-century literature is where I do most of my tramping about. Much of my work oscillates between the works of international modernism (particularly Joyce, Beckett, Nabokov, and an array of avant-garde poets) and contemporary literature. Pronounced and recurrent preoccupations include literary and cultural theory, translation, and literature and cognition. I also teach in the Studies in Comparative Literature and Arts (SCLA) graduate program, and welcome supervising student research into any of these areas.

Selected Recent Publications


Burning City: Poems of Metropolitan Modernity. (Co-edited with Jed Rasula.) Notre Dame: Action Books, 2012.

One False Move (poems). Toronto: Quattro Books, 2012.

Nothing Could Be Further (short stories). Thunder Bay: Emmerson Street Press, 2011.

Joyce's Disciples Disciplined: A Re-Exagmination of the 'Exagmination' of 'Work in Progress.' Dublin: University College Dublin Press, 2010.

Whatever Happens (short stories). Toronto: Insomniac Press, 2006.

The Encyclopedia of Fictional and Fantastic Languages. (Co-written with Stephen Cain.) Forward by Ursula K. LeGuin. Westport: Greenwood Press, 2006.

Joyces Mistakes: Problems of Intention, Irony, and Interpretation. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2003. 


"Eugene Onegin the Cold War Monument: How Edmund Wilson Quarreled with Vladimir Nabokov." Studies in 20th and 21st Century Literature 38.1 (2014), Article 4: 1-20.

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"Darius in Milton’s Pandemonium." Notes and Queries 251 (2006): 184-85.

"'You Talk Like a Book, Dad ': Pedagogical Anxiety and Lolita ." (Co-written with Peter Clandfield.) Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal 88.1-2 (2005): 15-41.

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"William Gaddis Calling: Telephonic Satire and the Disconnection of Authority." Studies in the Novel 35:4 (2003): 526-42. 

"Borges versus Proust: Towards a Combative Literature." Comparative Literature 55.1 (2003): 42-56.  

Selected Awards, Grants, and Honours

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Standard Research Grant (2007-09)


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