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John Lye

English Language & Literature

Associate Professor
Associate Dean, Student Affairs and Curriculum, Faculty of Humanities
MA Texas

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John Lye, back when the world was young, neglected to complete his dissertation on the English writer Charles Williams at the University of Toronto; however he soldiers on. He currently teaches modern literature and contemporary literary theory. Professor Lye is particularly interested in modern and contemporary fiction and in the theories and practice of the values, valuing and use of fiction in contemporary society.

Professor Lye was Chair of the Department from 2002-2008, before taking up his current position as an Associate Dean. Professor Lye maintains a widely-used website on literary studies and theory at

Courses 2008-2009

D2: ENGL/PCUL 2P59, Valuing Contemporary Fiction
D3: ENGL 4V46, Virginia Woolf

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John Lye

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ESA Career Night
February 4, 2016 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm