Gale Coskan-Johnson

Faculty of Humanities

Gale Coskan-Johnson

English Language & Literature

Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric, 

Director of Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse Studies Program

MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies, Affiliated Faculty

PhD Composition and Cultural Rhetoric (Syracuse University, 2009)
MA TESOL (Northern Arizona University, 1996)
BA History (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1990)

Current Courses
ENGL 2P13 Genre Study: A Critical Introduction to Travel Writing
ENGL/WRIT 2P28 Persuasive Discourse: Theoretical Foundations
ENGL/WRIT 3P28 Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
ENGL/WRIT 4P20 Readings in Cultural Rhetoric
Research Interests

My research interests include rhetorical theory; intersecting rhetorics of the border, the nation, immigration, and globalization; transnational feminism; postcolonial theory; ancient rhetoric and its modern reception; historiography; second language writing; and critical pedagogies. 

Selected Academic Publications

"Troubling Citizenship: Arizona Senate Bill 1070 and the Rhetorics of “Tough” Immigration Law." Present Tense: A Journal or Rhetoric and Society. Volume 2, Issue 1. 2011.

"The Nature and Nurture of Audience: Charles Eastman's "The Soul of the Indian." Studies in American Indian Literature. 2006. 

Other Writing

"Engaging Anti-Americanism or Why I Just Have to Laugh." Syracuse University's Speaker's Corner:SU London Newsletter, December 2006. PP. 8,10.