Faculty of Humanities: Department of Dramatic Arts


Acting and creating your own productions from scratch.

While studying in the Performance Concentration, students develop the foundations for accessing physical and vocal expression, exploring complicity with fellow players, and engaging in kinesthetic awareness. Improvisation and spontaneity, risk-taking, artistic courage, rigour, and discipline are emphasized. Unlike in a conservatory program, Performance Concentration students at Brock also engage extensively in script analysis, critical and reflective forms of writing and speaking practice, fundamental approaches to creative research, and the basics of theatre in educational and applied settings, as well as theatrical production. This exposure to such a breadth of fields of critical and creative inquiry allows our Performance Concentration students to develop the skills and aptitudes fundamental to the ‘actor creator’, a theatre artist who can create his or her own work.

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SMASH 2009
SMASH!, 2009




Who? Marcel Stewart, graduated June 2007
Concentration? Performance
Since graduating? Got an agent; traveled to Vienna and Poland with a production of George F. Walker's Theatre of Film Noir; got parts in Macbeth, Classical Theatre Project, Andrew Moodie's Toronto the Good at the Factory Theatre, and a new Canadian TV series The Bridge, picked up by CBS, to name a few.

If you're interested in the Performance Concentration, Marcel says that you most likely…

  • Thrive off creativity.
  • Have an over-active imagination and enjoy the brainstorming that comes with collaboration.
  • Want to learn to work well with others in a creative ensemble that prepares you for a professional context.
  • Enjoy challenging yourself and want professors who will push you to develop the work ethic, discipline, and skills necessary for the "outside world."
  • Love to laugh.