Our Alumni: A World of Opportunities

Faculty of Humanities: Department of Dramatic Arts

Our Alumni: A World of Opportunities


What do our students do with a degree from DART?

We are collecting stories about our alumni to give you an idea of the futures you can build with DART.  As well as the profiles listed here please see each Concentration page for more program specific ideas.

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Who? Alana Perri, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Dramatic Arts, graduated 2013.

Concentration? Concentration in Drama in Education

Alana says: I am in the process of establishing myself as an Expressive Arts Therapist, providing affordable Expressive Arts Therapy/Psychotherapy.

I graduated University wide-eyed and eager to continue learning. I kept hearing the phrase, "knowledge is power" everywhere I went. The more I heard it, the more I began to understand and believe it. But, this wasn't always the case.

Growing up, I was always THAT kid; the one who consistently received "Alana talks too much in class" on my report cards. By the time Grade 8 rolled around, my educators opinions of me hadn't changed, as my teacher told me I would never get into University, and should only take Applied/College courses in high-school - he assured me I wouldn't survive the next 4 years otherwise.

Not shockingly, this didn't sit well with me. Here's the first thing you should know about me: never tell me that I CAN'T do something because, I will immediately take action and prove you wrong.

Throughout high school, my interest was focused on the Arts, Social studies, and Auto...I needed to get my hands dirty and experience the content that was being taught. At the time, this was not a form of learning in my education system. In a place full of facilitated learning, I felt as if I were being held back from gaining knowledge. For some odd reason, the Arts are not seen to be as important as Math, Science, Geography, etc. and that made me feel powerless. If it weren't for the Arts, I strongly believe many of us wouldn't be able to find happiness. The Arts provide: creativity, imagination, exploration, confidence, real life imagery, and so much more. How could I not be drawn to this?!
Currently in my second of three years of Expressive Arts Therapy training, I have discovered my value as well as, the importance of Expressive Arts Therapy. This alternative form of 'medicine' truly benefits mental, emotional, and physical health. My goal is to continue my education after I complete my certification and attain a Masters degree and consequently, a PhD in Expressive Arts Therapy with a goal of opening my own therapeutic practice.

What is Expressive Arts Therapy (EXAT)?

This is a really great question that there isn't a singular/concrete answer to. I promise i'm not making the whole thing up! This is because EXAT is an experience, which makes it difficult to put into words. Not everyone was called to become a professional painter, portrait artist, dancer, singer, or actor but it doesn’t mean that one can’t enjoy indulging in the arts simply because it feels good. EXAT uses all artistic modalities (Dance/Movement, Poetry/Writing, Theatre, Music, and Visual Arts) with the intent of building a supportive relationship with clients in both one-on-one and group settings. EXAT allows each participant to dive into their imagination and creativity while gaining an understanding of the struggles we face in our everyday lives. EXAT provides a fun and safe therapeutic outlet for everyone. It can be done by anyone willing to get a little messy, live in the moment, and explore.



Who? Kari-Lynn Winters, PhD, graduated 1982.

Concentration? Drama in Education, Production and Design.

Since graduating? Graduated from the National Theatre School’s Technical Production program; Worked for a number of theatre companies (Great Canadian Theatre Company, Carousel Players, Salamander Theatre, Rogue Music Theatre, Ashland Festival, St. Lawrence Centre, etc.); Went on to complete a B.Ed. at the University of Toronto; Taught elementary school in North Carolina; Co-founded Tickle Truck Players with a fellow, former DART student Lori Sherritt-Fleming (see www.tickletruckplayers.com); Graduated in 2004 from the University of British Columbia with a Masters in Multimodal Literacies; Won the Language and Literacy Researchers of Canada Award for her Masters Thesis—Developing an Arts Integrated Reading Comprehension Program for Less Proficient Third and Fourth Grade Readers; Won an ING corporate sponsorship with Lori Sherritt-Fleming for playwriting and play production; Toured schools and libraries within the Greater Mainland, B.C. with the Tickle Trunk Players; In 2006, she won a SSHRC grant in order to research the arts and its relationship to authorship and literacy; published her first picture book in 2007, Jeffrey and Sloth (which won a number of awards, including the Christie Harris Illustrated Book Prize, silver medal, The Chocolate Lily Award, 2nd place, and the ABC's of Education Award, and took her on a provincial book tour); has gone on to write and publish a number of books, as well as write, produce, and perform a number of plays (such as Whatever I Write, I’ve Got Rhythm, aRHYTHMetic, aRYTHMetique, On My Walk, When Chickens Fly, etc.); Won the Association of Educational Publishers’ Distinguished Award for Fiction; Graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Ph.D. in Language and Literacy Education; In 2010, she accepted a position at Brock University in the Faculty of Education as an Assistant Professor, teaching and researching drama in education and children's literature. For a complete list of Kari’s accomplishments, see www.kariwinters.com

If you’re interested in the Drama in Education Concentration, Kari says that you most likely…

• Are flexible, cooperative, creative, and thoughtful both in terms of evoking thought from others and sharing your own ideas.
• Want to build stamina and creative-critical thought.
• Want to foster your imagination, broaden your perspectives, and prepare yourself for cooperative work in playwriting, playbuilding, teaching and publishing.
• Want to learn how to articulate your thoughts through words, voice, gesture, dance, artefacts, and understand how all communication is multimodal, social, and critical.
• Want to become a better communicator, learn performance and technical skills in an environment that encourages you to reach for your dreams.


DART alumni at the Toronto Fringe

Published on July 10 2011

Once again DART alumni are taking the stage and making scenes at the Toronto 2011 Fringe Festival.

Some of the productions were first work-shopped or developed during our students’ academic year at Brock.

Shows will include:

by Nathan Tanner Mac Donald
presented by Moment by Moment from St Catharines, ON

Come one, come all! Enter the Big Tent! Witness everything from a baby’s first steps to the dart board of death! BING, BAM, POW! Ever feel like your mind is the centre ring of a circus? Well, John does.

Director: Nathan Tanner Mac Donald
Genre: Play, Drama
Warning: Mature Language
Length: 50mins

Venue: Factory Theatre Mainspace

Will run from July 6th - July 17th

“Visa Called this Morning”
by Jen Gallant
presented by JJ Money Productions from Toronto, ON

Her creditors are calling. Her bank accounts are freezing. Jen finds herself feeling more like a criminal than a valued customer. she is forced to reconcile her toxic relationship with debt. Jen’s struggle to survive her maxed out reality leaves her realizing that, the banks don’t love you like your parents.

Cast: Jen Gallant
Genre: Play, Comedy
Length: 60 mins

Venue: Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace

Will run from July 6th - July 17th.


DART Alumna in Canopy Theatre's Outdoor Theatre for Downtown Toronto production of LYSISTRATA

Published on July 10 2011

Brock Alumna and DART TA, Lauren Shepherd, will be seen performing this summer in Canopy Theatre's Outdoor Theatre for Downtown Toronto production of:

LYSISTRATA – the sex strike by Aristophanes (Adapted by Germaine Greer and Phil Willmott)

Known for its bawdy humour, Lysistrata tells the tale of how one woman encourages a nation of lustful ladies to deny their husbands any sexual attention until the men declare peace and put a stop to civil war.  Germaine Greer’s adaptation keeps all of the expected phalli, sexually charged hijinks and anti-war rhetoric while also exploring issues of gender politics and class bias.  Guaranteed to be the sexiest production ever seen on Philosopher’s Stage, Lysistrata comes with a ‘mature content’ warning: This is not a family show!

Tickets can be purchased online at: www.canopytheatre.ca, or at the door. Students, Wednesday nights are PAY WHAT YOU CAN! Bring a blanket and enjoy the fun!

Event Details:

July 20 – August 6, 2011
Wednesday – Saturday
doors open at 7:30pm, curtain at 8pm


Caitlin Popek at the National Voice Intensive in 2011. photograph courtesy of Fabrice Grover www.fabricegroverphoto.com and the National Voice Intensive.

The experience of a young actor’s lifetime

Published on July 15 2011

Caitlin Popek, graduate of the Department of Dramatic Arts (DART), recently returned from Canada’s National Voice Intensive. This renowned five-week professional training workshop in Vancouver is attended by professional artists from across North America and abroad.

An ambitious, dedicated and focused student in her academic studies, Caitlin excelled on the stage when she played the lead character Desiree Armfeldt in the DART 2009 production of the Stephen Sondheim musical A Little Night Music. More recently she honed her skills as the Teaching Assistant for DART 3P54 Directing and she has just begun production managing for Showboat Festival Theatre in Port Colborne.

“My experience at the Voice Intensive was absolutely amazing! . . . One of the first things they told us was, ‘You will be confused and that’s exactly where we want you to be.’ Even with that statement I was confused!” she says, “You mean, we’re not here to get answers?” After experiencing 5 weeks of intense vocal, physical, emotional, and mental work that first statement made complete sense. “I did leave with a lot of confusion, but it was the kind of confusion that drives me to keep digging and discovering and investigating in my work.”

Caitlin adds, “There were things that I understood already about my voice from classes experienced at Brock and the Intensive just pumped up the volume on all those things. . . For example, I knew that my voice reveals who I am but I did not really understand how much my voice reveals, AND that that is the only thing it can do. As a speaker, all you can do is allow what is inside you to be revealed and the response is out of your control! To allow myself to be fully revealed is a very scary thing but when I achieved this feat it was the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced. To allow myself to be whoever I am inside, at any given moment, became an amazingly freeing thing.”

Caitlin graduated in 2010 with First-Class Standing in the Performance Concentration of the Honours Dramatic Arts program. Working with some of the best emerging actors and trainers in Canada in 2011 Caitlin has already achieved an experience of an actor’s lifetime.

“Without the help and guidance from many professors at Brock I would not have been able, or ready, to experience what I did at the Voice Intensive. It was such a wonderful experience and I want to thank everyone who helped me to get there!!”

Congratulations on your success, Caitlin!


DART Alumnus on stage in Toronto in Marat/Sade

Published on July 10 2011

Dart Alumnus Andrew Fleming hits the boards playing Duperret in Soup Can Theatre's production of Marat/Sade. The show runs from July 19-24 at the Alumnae Theatre in downtown Toronto (Berkeley Street). All performances are at 8pm except for the final show which is a 2pm matinee.

Andrew first performed in the play on the stage of the Sean O'Sullivan Theatre at Brock University when the Department of Dramatic Arts produced Mara/Sade in 2009.

Break-a-leg, Andrew!