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About the Practicum
Excavation experience is central to archaeological training, so we have created an intensive summer course to expose students to the rigours of fieldwork. The Brock University Archaeological Practicum (or field school) is designed to introduce students in a systematic and formal fashion to the basic skills and techniques of excavation, horizontal and vertical measurement, drawing plans and sections, recording of archaeological data, and trench notebook maintenance. The goal of the Practicum is to train participants in a hands-on fashion so they will be qualified to work on other projects as effective and knowledgeable excavators with a minimum of supervision. Students have worked on projects dating from the Aceramic Neolithic through the Late Roman periods in France, Israel, Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey. Initiated in 1970, the Brock University Archaeological Practicum is scheduled for alternate even years. 

CLAS 3F75 (Archaeological Practicum) Summer 2014: Excavations at the Minoan site of Gournia on Crete, Greece
The 2014 Brock Univeristy Archaeological Practicum was held at the site of Gournia on Crete, led by Prof. R. Angus K. Smith. The Minoan town of Gournia is one of the best known archaeological sites on the island of Crete. The site is located about 20 minutes driving time east of Agios Nikolaos in East Crete, on the northern coast near to the village of Pacheia Ammos. From 1901-1904 Harriet Boyd Hawes excavated the center of this Minoan town, revealing a system of cobbled streets, 47 houses, a central court, palace and cemetery. Of all sites in the Aegean, Gournia gives the visitor the clearest idea what a town in Late Bronze Greece looked like. 


Click on the links below to see photos from recent sessions of the Practicum in Greece (mainland and Crete), Italy, Turkey, and Cyprus. 

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Archaeological Illustration Course
February 19, 2016 - 10:00am - February 21, 2016 - 1:00pm