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Dr Fanny Dolanksy wins award for article on Roman dolls

Congratulations to Dr. Fanny Dolansky who is the 2014 recipient of the Barbara McManus award for best published article on women's or gender studies and Classics for her study "Playing with Gender: Girls, Dolls, and Adult Ideals in the Roman World", published in /Classical Antiquity/ 31.2 (2012): 256-292. The award is sponsored by the Women's Classical Caucus, an affiliate of the American Philological Association.

Michael Carter is this year's recipient of the Faculty of Humanities Award for Excellence in Teaching which he was presented at convocation in June where he delivered the address to this year's Humanities graduates.

Elizabeth S. Greene
was awarded £5000 from the Honor Frost Foundation to support her 2013 summer research in the harbours of Burgaz, Turkey. In addition, the Honor Frost Foundation provided a generous grant of £7500 to help fund EUPLOIA: Implementing Underwater Cultural Heritage 'Best Practices'’ in a Mediterranean Context, a conference held in Noto, Sicily from October 17 through 19. Following on earlier conferences on underwater cultural heritage held at Brock University and the University of Pennsylvania, the EUPLOIA conference was co-organized by Greene with Justin Leidwanger (Stanford University), Sebastiano Tusa (Soprintendenze del Mare, Sicily), Richard Leventhal (Penn Cultural Heritage Center), and Brian Daniels (Penn Cultural Heritage Center).

Congratulations to Classics major Eric Tincombe for receiving second prize at the junior level in the Classical Association of Canada's Undergraduate Essay Contest. The prize-winning paper was titled "The Pezhetairoi of Philip II and Alexander III." Eric was also a winner in last year's contest for a Roman history paper on Tacitus' portrayal of the Britons so a second prize-winning paper is a very impressive accomplishment!


Recent Faculty Presentations and Publications
Faculty Presentations at the APA/AIA Joint Annual Meetings in Chicago

Friday, January 3, 8:30-11:00 a.m. (session 7): Katharine T. von Stackelberg, "Reconsidering Hyperreality: 'Roman' Houses and Their Gardens (1892-1974)"
Friday, January 3, 12:30-2:30 p.m. (session 2E): Elizabeth S. Greene, "2013 Fieldwork in the Harbors of Burgaz, Turkey"
Saturday, January 4, 8:30-11:30 a.m. (session 4I): R. Angus K. Smith, "The Mycenaean Cemetery at Ayia Sotira, Nemea"

Katharine T. von Stackelberg chaired the session "Re-creating the House of Pansa: Towards a New Framework for the Reception of Classical Architecture [1790-1970]" at the joint Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America and American Philological Association, Chicago, January 2-5, 2014.

Michael Carter published a chapter titled "Entertainment in the Roman World" in Themes in Roman Society and Culture which appeared this summer from Oxford University Press. 


Fanny Dolansky contributed a chapter titled "Roman Education" to Themes in Roman Society and Culture which recently appeared from Oxford University Press. She also gave an invited talk at the University of Western Ontario in September titled "Illness and anxiety in elite Roman families." Recently she was interviewed for CFBU.FM radio's "Canadian Voices" program on the origins and significance of the Saturnalia festival; the segment aired on December 18, 2013.

Allison Glazebrook has authored (with Nicola Mellor) "Bodies and Sexuality", a chapter in In Antiquity, A Cultural History of Women. Vol. 1 (Bloomsbury 2013).

Elizabeth S. Greene presented “a paper titled "Shipwrecks as Indices of Archaic Mediterranean Trade Networks" at a conference on” Networks of Maritime Connectivity in the Ancient Mediterranean: Structure, continuity, and change over the longue durée at the University of Toronto in early November 2013. She also recently published the following: "Burgaz 2011 yılı çalışmaları," Kazı Sonuçları Toplantısı 34.3 (2013): 5-24 (with N. Tuna, N. Atıcı, İ. Sakarya, and J. Leidwanger); and "Expanding Contacts and Collapsing Distances in Early Cypro-Archaic Trade: Three Case Studies of Shipwrecks off the Turkish Coast,” in M. L. Lawall and J. Lund (eds), The Transport Amphorae and Trade of Cyprus (Gösta Enbom Monographs Volume 3). 21-34. Aarhus 2013 (with J. Leidwanger and H. Özdaş).

Katharine T. von Stackelberg had two chapters appear in A Cultural History of Gardens Vol. I: A History of Gardens in the Ancient World (Bloomsbury 2013): "Eastward in Eden: The Pre-Classical Roots of Meaning in Mediterranean Gardens" and "Literary Representations of the Ancient Garden: 500 BC-AD 500" (with Antony Littlewood). She was also a guest lecturer at Mt Holyoke College in Massachusetts on October 16 and 17 for two classes, speaking on "Eroticism in Hellenistic Art" and "Hermaphrodites: Myth into Art."

Rock-cut tombs at Dalyan along the river

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