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Upcoming Faculty Presentations
Allison Glazebrook will present "A Spectacle of Citizenship: Aeschines 1 Against Timarchos" at Visions: Feminism and Classics VII in Seattle (May 2016).

Elizabeth S. Greene will present the following papers:

  • "Wandering Ports in the Southeast Aegean: A View of Maritime Network Dynamics from Burgaz, Turkey," 2nd International Workshop on Maritime Flows and Networks, Paris, France, April 2016 (with J. Leidwanger).
  • "The Sixth-Century BCE Shipwreck at Pabuç Burnu, Turkey," McCann-Taggart Lecture on Underwater Archaeology, Vancouver Society of the AIA, Vancouver, BC, March 2016.
  • "Law, Ethics, and Underwater Archaeology: The Wreck of Cesnola's Napried." McCann-Taggart Lecture on Underwater Archaeology, Western Massachusetts Society of the AIA, Amherst, MA, March 2016.
  • "Law, Ethics, and Underwater Archaeology: The Wreck of Cesnola's Napried." Friends of the Canadian Institute in Greece, Ottawa, ON, February 2016.

Carrie Ann Murray has been invited to give a lecture at the Accordia Research Institute at University College London on February 16 titled "Venus Envy: Investigating the terracotta figurines from the Lago di Venere, Pantelleria."

Recent Faculty Presentations (AIA Annual Meeting, San Francisco)

Elizabeth S. Greene (with Justin Leidwanger, Lana Radloff, Numan Tuna, and Nadire Atıcı), "Between the City and the Sea: 2015 Fieldwork in the Harbors of Burgaz, Turkey"
Carrie Ann Murray (with Clive Vella), "Building Blocks of a Punic and Roman Community: Excavations at the Lago di Venere Site, Pantelleria, Italy"; and moderator of roundtable on "Volcanic Landscape Archaeology" 

R. Angus K. Smith, "Death on the Isthmus: Late Minoan III Tombs of the Mirabello Bay and Ierapetra Areas"

Recent Faculty Publications
Allison Glazebrook was guest editor for an issue of Helios (42.1): Beyond Courtesans and Whores: Sex and Labor in the Greco-Roman World, which includes her article, "A Hierarchy of Violence? Sex Slaves, Parthenoi and Rape in Menander’s Epitrepontes." A contribution on the archaeology of prostitution has appeared in The International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality edited by Patricia Whelehan (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, 2015). 

Elizabeth S. Greene
 recently published two papers on ceramics from two sites off the Turkish coast: a Late Antique assemblage at Burgaz, and amphora capacities from the Archaic shipwreck at Pabuç Burnu: (1) Leidwanger, J., E.S. Greene, and N. Tuna. 2015. "A Late Antique Ceramic Assemblage at Burgaz, Datça Peninsula, South-west Turkey, and the 'Normality of the Mixed Cargo' in the Ancient Mediterranean." International Journal of Nautical Archaeology 44.2: 300-311. (2) Greene, E.S. and M.L. Lawall. 2015. "Transport Amphoras and Economic Information: A View from the Early Greek World." In Maritime Studies in the Wake of the Byzantine Shipwreck at Yassıada. Edited by D. Carlson, J. Leidwanger, and S. Kampbell, 3-16. College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press. 

Carrie Ann Murray is the editor of a forthcoming volume titled Diversity of Sacrifice: Form and Function of Sacrificial Practices in the Ancient World and Beyond. Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology Series. Albany: SUNY Press. An article (co-authored with Thomas Urban, Clive Vella, and Amanda Lahikainen) has recently appeared: “Ground-penetrating radar investigation reveals an ancient (Punic/Roman) architectural complex at Lago di Venere on the island of Pantelleria (Italy)”, Journal of Applied Geophysics 113 (2015): 164-169.

Angus Smith's co-authored volume (with M.K. Dabney, E. Pappi, S. Triantaphyllou, and J.C. Wright) is currently in press: Ayia Sotira: A Mycenaean Chamber Tomb Cemetery in the Nemea Valley, Greece. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press. He has also recently had the following article appear: Watrous, L.V., D.M. Buell, J.C. McEnroe, J.G. Younger, L.A. Turner, B.S. Kunkel, K. Glowacki, S. Gallimore, A. Smith, P.A. Pantou, A. Chapin and E. Margaritis "Excavations at Gournia: 2010-2012," Hesperia 84.3, pp. 397-465.

Katharine von Stackelberg
has had the following book chapter appear: "Decline and Fall: The Roman Garden of Louise du Pont Crowninshield", in V. Pagán, J. Page and B. Weltman-Aron (eds.) Disciples of Flora: Gardens in History and Culture (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015), 94-112.

Student Awards and Achievements

Stephanie Culp presented a paper titled "A Killer Education: The Psychology of Spartan Military Education" at the annual meeting of the Atlantic Classical Association which was held in October in Halifax, NS.

Congratulations to the following undergraduate and graduate student recipients of external scholarships and awards:

  • Congratulations to Classics majors Thomas Kocjan and Matt Ludwig who learned of their success in Latin and Greek sight translation competitions. Thomas received a Letter of Commendation for his entry in the 2014-2015 CAMWS Latin Translation Contest, and Matt received an Honourable Mention for his senior Greek exam in the Classical Association of Canada's annual Sight Translation Competition.
  • Rick Mohammed was awarded the Harry C. Maynard Scholarship in Classical Studies.
  • Heather Roy has received the Harry C. Maynard Scholarship for Study Abroad which she used to participate in the Brock University Archaeological Project at Pantelleria (led by Dr. Carrie A. Murray).
  • Congratulations to incoming MA student Elliott Fuller who is this year's recipient of the Desmond Conacher Scholarship.
  • Incoming MA students Thomas Irvine (from the University of Guelph) and Edward Middleton (from the University of Alberta) have been awarded SSHRC scholarships for the 2015-2016 academic year, while Helen Hsu (from Mount Allison University) will receive an OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship).
  • Continuing students Stephanie (Baker) Culp and Katelyn Spadoni have both received OGS funding for the 2015-2016 academic year. Stephanie has also been awarded the Bluma Appel Graduate Entrance Scholarship for Excellence in Humanities.
  • Brock alumna Ana Wagner (currently a PhD candidate at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) is this year's recipient of a Distinguished Graduate Student Award for Classics which is presented to one student from each program who has achieved the highest overall average.