Master of Arts in Classics Program

Faculty of Humanities

Master of Arts in Classics Program

Department of Classics


The research interests and areas of expertise of the faculty are diverse. Listed here are several broad categories with specific areas of research for possible M.A. theses and major research papers. Potential supervisors who have interests in these areas are listed alphabetically in brackets.

Greek Literary Studies
•   Epic (Greene, Nickel)
•   Historiography (Carter, Parker)
•   Oratory (Glazebrook, Nickel)
•   Tragedy (Greene, Nickel)

Greek History
•    Age of Perikles (Glazebrook, Greene, Parker)
•    Alexander the Great (Parker)
•    Archaic Greece (Carter, Glazebrook, Greene)
•    Economy and Trade (Greene)
•    Ethnic Identity (Carter, Smith)
•    Government, including Democracy (Glazebrook,
•    Military (Carter, Parker)
•    Prostitution (Glazebrook)
•    Women, Gender, and Sexuality (Glazebrook)

Greek Art and Archaeology
•    Archaeological Ethics (Greene)
•    Archaeological Method and Theory (Smith)
•    Archaic Greece (Greene)
•    Attic Vase Painting (Glazebrook, Greene)
•    Bronze Age (Smith)
•    Ceramic Analysis (Smith)
•    Classical Greece (Greene)
•    Greek Epigraphy (Carter, Parker)
•    Mortuary Archaeology (Smith)
•    Underwater Archaeology (Greene)












Latin Literary Studies

•    Comedy (Nickel)
•    Elegy (Dolansky, Merriam)
•    Epic (Merriam)
•    Historiography (Carter, Dolansky, von Stackelberg)
•    Letters (von Stackelberg)

Roman History
•    Ancient Sport (Carter)
•    Economy and Trade (von Stackelberg)
•    Family (Dolansky)
•    Gardens, Landscape, and the Environment
     (von Stackelberg)
•    Religion (Dolansky)
•    Rome’s Eastern Provinces (Carter)
•    Spectacles and Entertainment (Carter)
•    Women, Gender, and Sexuality (Dolansky,
      GlazebrookMerriam, von Stackelberg)

Roman Art and Archaeology
•    Domestic Art and Architecture (von Stackelberg)
•    Landscape and the Environment (von Stackelberg)
•    Latin Epigraphy (Carter, Dolansky)
•    Topography of Rome (Carter)
•    Women, Gender and the Body (von Stackelberg)