Canadian and American Studies

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Canadian and American Studies


Current Graduate Students 

Core Program Courses

 CDAM 5P00 (Jointly offered at Brock and SUNY-UB)

Interdisciplinary Methods and Field Research in the Binational Niagara Region

Field seminar focused on a binational comparison of some aspect of the cross-border region, providing the necessary theoretical and methodological skills to undertake original fieldwork in the Niagara borderlands region.

 CDAM 5P01

An Overview of Canadian Studies (Brock)

A multidisciplinary introduction to the study of Canada for graduate students emphasizing interdependence of geography, economy, society, history, and culture and the tension between regional and national identities. 

 CDAM 5P02

Cultures of U.S. Empire (SUNY-UB)

Interdisciplinary approaches to the study of “culture” in relations between the United States and other nations. 


 Pre-Approved/Cross-listed Elective Courses

The following courses may be offered on a rotating basis on the campus or campuses indicated. CDAM 5P82 will be offered annually.



Canadian-American Relations (SUNY-UB)

Examination of issues in Canadian-American relations, with special focus on how these play out in the context of the border and surrounding areas. Topics may include popular perceptions of the ‘other’ held by Canadians and Americans, developments associated with the NAFTA and Canada’s future in the new North America.

 CDAM 5P15

Borderlands – Understanding the Binational Niagara Region (SUNY-UB)

Developments of distinctive identity and shared interests, with particular reference to cross-border regions along the Canadian-American border, comparing the experience of our local binational region with those of others along the Canadian-American border.

 CDAM 5P50

Abolitionist Movements and the Underground Railroad (Brock)

A study of the status of Canada as myth, symbol of possibility or “New Canaan,” in literary and historical works from abolitionists, former slaves, historians, and contemporary critics on American cross-border relations and transnationality.

 CDAM 5P70

Writing Across Borders (Brock)

Poetry, drama, and fiction written by Canadian and American authors set in the other country, including such authors as Michael Ondaatje, James Houston, Jack London, and Margaret Atwood.


CDAM 5P28 Political Economy of North America (cross-listed as POLI 5P28)

CDAM 5P80Directed Reading

Directed individual or group reading in a specified area to be chosen in consultation with a faculty advise


CDAM 5P82 (cross-listed as POLI 5P82)

Canadian Politics (SUNY-UB or Brock)

An examination of major aspects of Canadian government and politics and of different approaches to the study of Canadian politics through the discussion and analysis of significant books in the field.


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