Current Canadian Studies Students

Faculty of Humanities

Current Canadian Studies Students

Canadian Studies Scheduled Courses

FW 2015-16

  • CANA 1F91 Introduction to Canadian Studies D1, Prof.Brian deRuiter
  • CANA 2P91 Culture and Power in Canada I: Cultural Communities D2, Prof. C. Whitfield
  • CANA 2P92 Culture and Power in Canada II: Cultural Institutions D3, Prof. C. Whitfield
  • CANA 3P95 Foreign Ventures: Canada’s Changing Global Role D3, Prof. M. Vosburgh
  • CANA 4P90 Advanced Topics in Canadian Studies D2, Prof.N. Baxter-Moore



Canadian Studies Academic Advising

For questions about planning your Canadian Studies program, courses conflicts or registration concerns please contact our adviser in the Faculty of Humanities:

Alisa Cunnington
Phone: 905-688-5550, ext.5279



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