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Research Interests: (Communication, Popular Culture and Film) local popular culture in the Niagara Region/cross-border region, including local popular music, local media, popular entertainment past and present (from amusement parks to fall fairs and NASCAR racing to tourism), the wine industry; the war of 1812, representations of the war in popular culture, the war in popular memory, official memorialization, and re-enactments; Canadian popular music; Canadian media industries.
Research Interests: (English Language & Literature) Canadian Experimental and Avant-Garde Literature.
Research Interests: (Communication, Popular Culture, and Film) Canadian television programming, policy and industry, Aboriginal and indigenous people's media in Canada Transmedia, social media and digital networks in the Canadian public sphere Niagara heritage tourism and popular memory.
Research Interests: (Kinesiology, Child and Youth Studies) Education (generally and more specifically, i.e., curriculum, policy, pedagogy, schools, higher education, arts based education, especially working with movement and other expressive forms, and blogging as an expressive medium) disability studies, and embodiment.
Research Interests: (English Language & Literature) Canadian Literature.
Research Interests: (Sociology): Critical study of race & ethnicity, child & youth studies, sociology of education, cultural studies.
Research Interests: (Communication, Popular culture and Film) Canadian cinema and popular music.
Research Interests: (Sociology) Racism in Canada, the Canada/US border.
Research Interests: (Political Science): Canadian politics. Canadian law and politics, courts, rights protection and constitutional law.
Research Interests: (Modern Languages) Translation studies, Canadian translation history, Quebec literature, Canadian theatre
Research Interests: (Canadian Studies/History)   Canadian Religion, War of 1812, Cultural history of Alcohol.
Research Interests: (Visual Arts) Canadian Sound Art, Contemporary Art, Installation Art, Experimental/Noise/Musique Concrete (Music) Performance Art/Video Art/Sound Design.
Research Interests: (Geography).
Research Interests: Law and education; Discretion in administrative decision-making; Teaching as a normative profession.
Research Interests: (Modern Languages) French-Canadian literatures.
Research Interests: (History) Immigration, labour, women and human rights history.
Research Interests: (Music) Canadian Music (classical or folk - not popular music).
Research Interests: (Economics) Economics of Canadian Water Policy.
Research Interests: (Geography) Nineteenth Century First Nations' Issues, Historical Geography of Canada, Heritage and Landscape (Landscapes of Memory), Culture and Economy.
Research Interests: (English Language & Literature) Contemporary Canadian Poetry and Short Stories, Canadian Detective fiction, Empathy and Canadian Short Fiction.
Research Interests: (Tourism and Environment) The well-Being of Prairie Aboriginals between 1870 and 1910.

Graduate Program Directors

Marian Bredin, Brock University
D. Munroe Eagles, University at Buffalo (SUNY)




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