Interdisciplinary Humanities PhD Program

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Interdisciplinary Humanities PhD Program

Current Students

Natalie Azzi

Sexual Violence and the Lived Experience: Narratives and Perceptions of Women in Lebanon

"My experiences visiting Lebanon have revealed to me a fundamental lack of social justice for women in this country. With military conflict having touched the country most recently, my personal and academic history has posed questions concerning the relationships between women and power structures within the context of the warzone." 

Dan Clemens

Critical Psychiatry and Cultural Appropriateness

"My research confronts the Western/Eurocentric values embedded within the dominant psychiatric paradigm while seeking a more holistic and inclusive philosophy of healing, breakthrough, and liberation."

Sonya de Lazzer

"My research pairs the philosophical underpinnings of the Sublime with an in-depth exploration of regional histories, identities and places. My focus is on iconic sites and whether or not the visual and oral pluralities of these places erode the prospect of the Sublime encounter."

Malisa Kurtz

Nomadic Transgressions: Globalization, Postcoloniality and Science Fiction

“My research examines the intersection of postcoloniality, globalization, and technoculture in twentieth century science fiction."

Terrance H. McDonald

Mediated Masculinities: The Commodification of Masculinity in American Cinema, 1995-2005

"Through philosophies of immanence, I theorize that the perceived crisis of masculinity causes a shift from masculinity as relational, how one acts masculine, to the commodification of masculinity, the process that causes masculinities to be perceived as the product of consuming of goods and services."

Kevin McGuiness

"My main area of study includes literary and filmic representations of psychopathic and sociopathic personalities, with a particular emphasis on American horror films dating from the 1980s."

Julie Morris

The Traumatized National Body: (Re)Reading Charles I and the English Nation through Civil War Literature

"I am particularly interested in social theory, and much of my work investigates theoretical constructs of trauma, performance, the body, and identity. As a researcher in both humanities and education, my scholarly interests take me across a variety of disciplines."

Jill Planche

The Larger Stage: Performance space and place within the social, economic and cultural realms in South Africa: performance, praxis and potential.

"My proposed project will interrogate the space of performance within South Africa’s complex cultural, economic and social realities. I will explore contemporary theatre praxis in South Africa, and investigate whose voices are being heard"

Julia Polyck-O'Neill

"By focusing on his writings and visual art, I examine and interrogate how Coupland’s representations of Vancouver’s sociocultural landscape distill and intersect with contemporary art world narratives in the city and beyond, with an emphasis on how his work converges with the Vancouver avant-garde and current issues and movements of decolonization."

Terry Trzecak

The Process of Photography as a Somaesthetic Strategy

"Employing Richard Shusterman’s somaesthetics as a conceptual framework, my inquiry positions the process of photography as an aesthetic, somatic strategy with implications for veterans returning from deployment as part of a journey towards wellness."

Paul Williams

Intersecting Differences in the European Union: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Citizenship, Identity and Group Representation

"I am proposing to put forth the argument that European integration should be understood in the context a politics of difference because although the European Union (EU) has attempted to foster convergence of its member states, it has developed through a process of both cosmopolitanism and communitarianism."

Grant Yocom

Engaging Post-Industrial Urban Regeneration: Organically emergent forms of civic engagement in Windsor/ Detroit

"My research focuses on communitarian approaches to ethics.  More specifically, at Brock I am investigating the critical and proposive potential emergent culturally from needs based non-profit community organizations and artist collectives working in the context of the post industrial cities:  Windsor and Detroit."