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Information for Current Students

Welcome to current students at Brock. Students should know that most inquiries, requests for exceptions to regulations, complaints and appeals are handled by the Associate Deans. Undergraduate students should contact the Acting Associate Dean, Student Affairs and Curriculum, Professor Michael Carter (; graduate students should contact the Acting Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies, Professor David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye ( Questions about programs should go to our Academic Advisers. Appointments with Professor Carter can be made through the Interim Executive Assistant to the Dean, Sharon Meguerian, at extension 4562.  

The Academic Regulations governing studies at Brock can be found in the current University Calendars under Academic Regulations and Policies in the Undergraduate Calendar and Academic Regulations in the Graduate Calendar. Undergraduate students should check the regulations for their program year, and discuss any changes in program regulations with their Academic Adviser. Students wishing to make appeals should see the relevant procedures in the academic regulations section of the Calendar. All current and recent calendars are to be found at

Students will find an invaluable list of services available to them on the Students Services -- Current Students site.These include health services, counselling services, career services, leadership programs, academic skills help, experience plus programs, financial aid and many other valuable links. 

Students who have been ill should obtain have completed a medical certificate, available here. 


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