Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 4207

Applied Linguistics
Position Title: INSTRUCTOR
Course: LING 1F25
Course Details: The Study of Language
Start 2013-09-01     End 2014-04-30
$6,067 per half course (195 hours nominally)
$12,134 per full course (390 hours nominally)

Please note: Instructors who are employed in a 2-hour/week lecture, or the equivalent of a 2-hour/week lecture, are responsible for the first hour of seminar/lab in each course.
Duties per Collective Agreement Article 22, plus specific duties such as: Deliver scholarly lectures per Calendar description. Prepare course outline. Supervise TA(s), incl prepare Allocation of Hours form; manage office hours, advice/feedback meetings, grading, proctoring, leading seminars, etc. Create/maintain Sakai site (or similar) to post course outline/instructions, report grades confidentially, advise of unexpected changes/corrections, distribute thumbs of PPt slides, etc. Lead one seminar section, incl all grading for it. Create grading matrices etc and instructions for all oral/written work; create assignments. Schedule office hours for own seminar section, plus extra time for other sections if any. Manage disciplinary, academic integrity, diligence etc issues for course. Collect/record grades etc accurately, securely and confidentially for entire class (back up numerical data on paper and on Excel; supervise same for TAs). Prepare/administer tests, quizzes and final examination etc within timelines and per criteria noted by Chair, and in line with usual University and departmental practice. Keep notes on TA performance. Conduct end-of-course course evaluation per departmental practice (and assure same for TAs). Perform duties per Faculty Handbook, guidelines for services to persons with disabilities, departmental Instructors? Guide, departmental Rules and Procedures. All other instructional planning/execution duties as are normal within the department.
Qualifications include a relevant doctorate; a master?s degree with evidence of sufficient background (e.g. course work or thesis focus) in relevant areas will also be considered. Evidence of educational background must be provided. Applicants must have previous successful academic teaching experience (as instructor responsible for all aspects of the course) and teaching competence (e.g. course evaluations, letters of reference and/or other components of a teaching dossier).
Applications will be accepted until 2013-05-17

Applications should include a cover letter, a current resume, a CUPE 4207 application form and your seniority date.

Dr. T. Farrell, Chair
Department of Applied Linguistics
Brock University
Please Note:
If applicable, applicants are responsible for submitting their seniority date with their application. Applicants that don't include a seniority date will be assumed not to have one. All applications should be forwarded to the appropriate department. Do not submit your information to

Positions listed on this posting are subject to course enrolments and budgetary approval.

As per Article 22.04 of the Collective Agreement:

- Graduate Students enrolled at Brock University shall not accept an appointment in excess of an average of ten hours per week over an academic term, in which she is enrolled as a full time student, without the prior permission of the Dean of Graduate Studies.

- Undergraduate Students enrolled at Brock University shall not accept more than nine Teaching Assistant appointments, or the equivalent of nine Teaching Assistant appointments in any classification, per term minus the number of courses in which that student is currently enrolled;

- Part-time Graduate Students and Non-Students shall not accept any appointment which, taken together with all other appointments at the University, would cause the member to exceed the maximum number of regular hours - i.e. not overtime hours - allowable in a work week under the Employment Standards Act, as amended from time to time.

Applicants that are in excess of the above noted workload limits will not have their applications considered unless they have received prior written approval from the appropriate Dean and the Human Resources Department.

A Collective Agreement governs part-time Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Lab Demonstrator, Course Coordinator and Marker-Grader positions at Brock University. A hardcopy of the Agreement can be obtained from Human Resources or accessed on the Human Resources Web Site -
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