Admin, Professional and Exempt Staff Positions

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Posting NumberPosition TitleFacultyDepartmentPostedApplication Deadline
AP 20/2015Academic AdviserNot ApplicableRegistrarís OfficeMar 11, 2015
AP 17/2015Accreditations CoordinatorFaculty of BusinessGoodman School of BusinessMar 3, 2015Closed
AP 05/2015Alumni Relations Officer, Alumni &amp; Student EngagementNot ApplicableAlumni, Development &amp; Donor RelationsJan 14, 2015Filled
AP 01/2015AODA CoordinatorNot ApplicableHuman ResourcesJan 2, 2015Filled
AP 57/2014Application DeveloperNot ApplicableApplication Development, Information Technology ServicesNov 13, 2014Filled
AP 59/2014Assistant Manager, Research & EvaluationFaculty of Applied Health SciencesLeave the Pack BehindNov 19, 2014Closed
AP 67/2014Assistant Manager, Research &amp; EvaluationFaculty of Applied Health SciencesLeave The Pack BehindDec 18, 2014Filled
AP 62/2014Assistant Secretary to the UniversityNot ApplicableOffice of the University SecretariatNov 27, 2014Filled
AP 04/2015Associate Director, Space Management & PlanningNot ApplicableCampus Planning Design & Construction, Facilities ManagementJan 8, 2015Closed
AP 56/2014Career ConsultantFaculty of BusinessCareer Development Office, Goodman School of BusinessNov 13, 2014Filled
AP 02/2015Career ConsultantNot ApplicableCo-op Programs OfficeJan 5, 2015Filled
AP 49/2014Career ConsultantNot ApplicableCo-op Programs OfficeOct 6, 2014Filled
AP 58/2014Commercial Research OfficerNot ApplicableOffice of Research ServicesNov 18, 2014Filled
AP 65/2014Communications &amp; Administrative OfficerFaculty of Social SciencesDeanís Office, Faculty of Social SciencesDec 9, 2014Filled
AP 35/2014Compensation AnalystNot ApplicableHuman ResourcesJul 31, 2014Filled
AP 61/2014Conference Coordinator, Sales &amp; MarketingNot ApplicableConference Services, University ServicesNov 25, 2014Filled
AP 47/2014Coordinator, Brock-Niagara Centre for Health & Well-BeingFaculty of Applied Health SciencesBrock-Niagara Centre for Health & Well-BeingSep 23, 2014Filled
AP 25/2015Customer Service CoordinatorNot ApplicableParking Services, Ancillary OperationsMar 23, 2015
AP 10/2015Director, Co-op, Career & Experiential EducationNot ApplicableCo-op, Career, & Experiential EducationJan 22, 2015Closed
AP 42/2014Director, Government RelationsNot ApplicableOffice of the PresidentSep 5, 2014Filled
AP 25/2014Director, Internal AuditNot ApplicableInternal Audit ServicesJul 10, 2014Closed
AP 18/2015Director, Research ServicesNot ApplicableOffice of Research ServicesMar 4, 2015Closed
AP 52/2014Employee & Labour Relations AdvisorNot ApplicableHuman ResourcesOct 28, 2014Closed
AP 06/2015Employee &amp; Labour Relations AdvisorNot ApplicableHuman ResourcesJan 15, 2015Filled
AP 29/2015Environmental Health & Safety OfficerNot ApplicableHealth, Safety, & Wellness/ Human ResourcesMar 25, 2015
AP 46/2014Executive Director, Development & Alumni RelationsNot ApplicableDevelopment & Alumni RelationsSep 17, 2014Filled
AP 23/2015Executive Director, Marketing and CommunicationsNot ApplicableMarketing and CommunicationsMar 20, 2015
AP 43/2014Experiential Learning Coordinator, Inclusive & Adaptive Physical ActivityFaculty of Applied Health SciencesFaculty of Applied Health Sciences (FAHS)Sep 10, 2014Closed
AP 50/2014Experiential Learning Coordinator, Inclusive & Adaptive Physical ActivityFaculty of Applied Health SciencesFaculty of Applied Health SciencesOct 8, 2014Filled
AP 51/2014Faculty Budget OfficerFaculty of EducationFaculty of EducationOct 23, 2014Filled
AP 68/2014Financial AnalystNot ApplicableFinance &amp; Administrative ServicesDec 23, 2014Filled
AP 07/2015Graduate Academic CoordinatorFaculty of BusinessGraduate Programs, Goodman School of BusinessJan 16, 2015Filled
AP 26/2015Head Coach, Womenís HockeyNot ApplicableAthletics & RecreationMar 23, 2015
AP 21/2015Human Rights & Equity AdvisorNot ApplicableHuman ResourcesMar 13, 2015
AP 48/2014International Communications OfficerNot ApplicableInternational Market Development, Student ServicesSep 25, 2014Closed
AP 09/2015International Exchange AssistantFaculty of BusinessGoodman School of BusinessJan 22, 2015Filled
AP 53/2014International Programs ManagerFaculty of EducationAssociate Deanís OfficeOct 31, 2014Filled
AP 64/2014Manager, Project Management OfficeNot ApplicableInformation Technology ServicesDec 1, 2014Closed
AP 41/2014Manager, Student Mental HealthNot ApplicableStudent Development CentreSep 4, 2014Closed
AP 24/2015Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine & Performing Arts (MIWSFPA) Facility SupervisorNot ApplicableMaintenance & Utilities, Facilities ManagementMar 20, 2015
AP 63/2014Mass Spectrometry & Analytical Instrumentation TechnologistFaculty of Mathematics and ScienceDepartment of ChemistryNov 28, 2014Closed
NU 01/2014Media & Computer TechnicianFaculty of EducationInstructional Resource Centre, Hamilton CampusOct 2, 2014Filled
AP 66/2014Media Relations OfficerNot ApplicableMarketing & CommunicationsDec 15, 2014Filled
AP 13/2015Participant Recruitment CoordinatorFaculty of Social SciencesLifespan Development Research CentreFeb 4, 2015Closed
AP 27/2015Placement OfficerFaculty of EducationDepartment of Teacher EducationMar 23, 2015
AP 55/2014Project Manager, Enhanced Teacher Education ProgramFaculty of EducationTeacher Education/Faculty of EducationNov 12, 2014Filled
AP 22/2015Recruitment OfficerNot ApplicableOffice of the RegistrarMar 19, 2015
AP 44/2014Relationship ManagerNot ApplicableCo-op Programs OfficeSep 15, 2014Filled
AP 54/2014Relationship ManagerNot ApplicableCo-op Programs OfficeNov 11, 2014Filled
AP 28/2015Relationship Manager, Latin American & African MarketsNot ApplicableInternational Market Development, Student ServicesMar 24, 2015
AP 03/2015Relationship Manager, Southeast Asian MarketsNot ApplicableInternational Market Development/Student ServicesJan 6, 2015Filled
AP 12/2015Reservations & Service CoordinatorNot ApplicableConference Services/University ServicesJan 26, 2015Closed
AP 60/2014Senior Business Systems AnalystNot ApplicableApplication Development, Information Technology ServicesNov 21, 2014Filled
AP 16/2015Senior Platoon SupervisorNot ApplicableCampus Security ServicesMar 3, 2015Closed
AP 40/2014Senior System AdministratorNot ApplicableInformation Technology ServicesSep 3, 2014Filled
AP 15/2015Special ConstableNot ApplicableCampus Security ServicesMar 3, 2015Closed
AP 14/2015Stewardship OfficerNot ApplicableAlumni, Development & Donor RelationsFeb 13, 2015Closed
AP 11/2015Student Engagement AssistantFaculty of BusinessGoodman School of BusinessJan 23, 2015Filled
AP 19/2015Student Skills Development CoordinatorFaculty of BusinessGraduate Programs, Goodman School of BusinessMar 9, 2015Closed