Custodial and Maintenance Staff Position

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Posting NumberPosition TitleFacultyDepartmentPostedApplication Deadline
CUPE1295 12A-15PFacilities TechnicianNot ApplicableFacilities ManagementMay 12, 2015Closed
CUPE1295 13A-15PCarpenterNot ApplicableFacilities ManagementMay 14, 2015Closed
CUPE1295 5A-15PFacilities TechnicianNot ApplicableFacilities ManagementJan 23, 2015Filled
CUPE1295 7A-15-TSummer Student Grounds Maintenance (4 Vacancies)Not ApplicableCustodial &amp;amp; Grounds Services, Facilities ManagementFeb 19, 2015Filled
CUPE1295 6A-15-TSummer Residence Custodial Helpers (9 Vacancies)Not ApplicableCustodial Services, Facilities ManagementFeb 11, 2015Filled
CUPE1295 2A 15-PMillwrightNot ApplicableFacilities ManagementJan 19, 2015Closed
CUPE1295 1A-15TCleaner (2 Vacancies)Not ApplicableCustodial & Grounds Services, Facilities ManagementJan 8, 2015Filled