Faculty and Professional Librarian Positions

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Posting NumberPosition TitleFacultyDepartmentPostedApplication Deadline
F 22/2015Assistant or Associate ProfessorFaculty of BusinessDepartment of Finance, Operations, and Information SystemsJul 29, 2015Closed
F 27/2015Assistant ProfessorFaculty of Mathematics and ScienceComputer ScienceNov 24, 2015Mar 1, 2016
F 26/2015Assistant ProfessorFaculty of Social SciencesCentre for Applied Disability StudiesNov 6, 2015Feb 1, 2016
F 25/2015Assistant ProfessorFaculty of Applied Health SciencesSport ManagementNov 3, 2015Mar 31, 2016
F 24/2015Assistant ProfessorFaculty of Mathematics and ScienceEarth SciencesOct 22, 2015Closed
F 23/2015Assistant ProfessorFaculty of Applied Health SciencesDepartment of Health SciencesSep 29, 2015Feb 1, 2016
F 21/2015Assistant ProfessorFaculty of Applied Health SciencesDepartment of NursingJun 15, 2015Closed
F 20/2015Assistant ProfessorFaculty of Applied Health SciencesDepartment of Health SciencesJun 15, 2015Closed
F 18/2015Assistant ProfessorFaculty of EducationGraduate and Undergraduate StudiesJun 4, 2015Closed
F 17/2015Assistant ProfessorFaculty of Social SciencesPolitical ScienceMay 13, 2015Closed
F 15/2015Assistant ProfessorFaculty of Mathematics and ScienceDepartment of Biological SciencesMay 12, 2015Closed
F 19/2015Assistant Professor - Digital PrototypingFaculty of HumanitiesCentre for Digital HumanitiesJun 5, 2015Closed
F 03/2015Assistant Professor – MarketingFaculty of BusinessMarketing, International Business & StrategyFeb 11, 2015Closed
F 16/2015Lecturer or Assistant ProfessorFaculty of Social SciencesEnvironmental Sustainability Research CentreMay 12, 2015Closed