Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What type of medical documentation do I need to submit to the University for Short Term Disability / sick benefits?
The only form that is acceptable to the University is the Brock University Medical Certificate, unless otherwise requested by the Health Management Office.

2. Who can complete the Medical Certificate for my Short Term Disability (STD) application?
Consistent with industry standards and the requirement of the LTD carrier, the initial Medical Certificate must be completed by a legally licensed doctor of medicine. The University understands that in some instances employees may be receiving primary treatment from other treatment providers (i.e., chiropractor, physiotherapist, psychologist, and midwife) and will therefore accept any subsequent Medical Certificates from those practitioners.

3. Do I have to pay for completion of the Medical Certificate or the Request for Medical Accommodation Form?
It is the responsibility of the employee to pay the physician for the completion of the Medical Certificate and the University will subsequently reimburse the employee upon submission of a receipt to the Health Management Office.

4. How is eligibility for Short Term Disability / sick benefits determined?
The Health Management Office reviews the Medical Certificate for consistency of information, including appropriate treatment, restrictions and abilities. The submitted medical documentation is also compared to the Medical Disability Advisor (MDA), a consensus based physician publication which summarizes expected durations of disability and is commonly utilized in the disability management industry.

5. Who has access to my medical documentation?
The medical records obtained by the Health Management Office are stored separate from your personnel file in a health management file, and are accessed by the Health Management Office. All information is treated in a highly confidential manner and only restrictions and abilities are shared with an employee’s Supervisor.

6. How are Short Term Disability / sick benefits paid?
Short Term Disability / sick benefits are paid as salary continuance at the usual pay schedule and the standard deductions from an employee’s pay are maintained. (i.e. Pension, LTD Premiums, and tax deductions, CPP, and EI).

7. Who is the University’s Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurer?
Ontario Teacher’s Insurance Plan (OTIP) adjudicates all Long Term Disability claims.

8. How do I make an application for LTD benefits?
The Health management Office will facilitate and coordinate an employee’s application for LTD benefits. The requirement for application includes 3 forms: an Employer Statement, an Employee Statement and an Attending Physician Statement. The Health Management Office reviews your Short Term Disability claim at the 9 week point to determine whether the claim will continue to Long Term Disability. The Employee Health Specialist may request updated medical documentation to ensure a seamless transition to LTD. The medical obtained during the STD period is forwarded to the LTD carrier to support disability during the 105 calendar day waiting period.

9. How are Long Term Disability benefits paid?
OTIP provides monthly payment by direct deposit, payable at the end of the month. The benefit is paid retroactive to the eligibility date for LTD benefits.

10. Do my health and dental benefits and pension contributions continue while I receive LTD benefits?
The University will maintain employees’ normal benefits, i.e. Green Shield and life insurance while in receipt of LTD benefits. Additionally, the University will contribute both the employer and employee’s pension contributions while an
employee is in receipt of LTD benefits.

11. Do I need to continue to remit my LTD premium once I have been approved for LTD benefits?
Once the LTD claim has been approved, a premium is no longer payable for the benefit, as the University’s LTD carrier waives the requirement in recognition of the disability.

12. If I require a special needs parking pass, how do I obtain one?
If you have a provincial special needs parking pass, the University will provide you with a campus special needs parking pass upon submission of proof of the government issued pass. If you have not been provided with a provincial pass, the University requires you to have the Brock University Request for Medical Accommodation form completed and submitted to the Health Management Office for review and determination of appropriate accommodations.

13. What is the procedure for requesting medical accommodation?
When an employee cannot meet their occupational requirements as a result of a medical condition, the Health Management Office requests completion of the Brock University Request for Medical Accommodation Form by a legally licensed doctor of medicine. The Employee Health Specialist analyzes the level of impairment and the permanency, as related to the bona fide requirements of the job and collaborates with the employee, Union, and Supervisor to establish an accommodation plan as needed.

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