Personal and Public Safety

Personal and Public Safety


Brock University is committed to the prevention of illness and injury through the provision and maintenance of healthy and safe conditions on its premises. The University endeavors to provide a hazard-free environment and minimize risks by adherence to all relevant legislation, and where appropriate, through the development and implementation of additional internal standards, programs and procedures. Brock University requires that health and safety be a primary objective in every area of operation and that all persons utilizing University premises comply with procedures, regulations and standards relating to health and safety.

Be Safe @ Brock

Know Fire


Health and Hygiene                     EHS-0001      Shake Hands with your
                                                                     New Best Friend
                                                 EHS-0024      Wash Your Hands
Life Safety                                 EHS-0006      Bicycle Safety
                                                 EHS-0012      Drop the Phone
                                                 EHS-0020      Know Fire
                                                 EHS-0022      Candle Safety
                                                 EHS-0029      Mackenzie Chown Fire Alarm
Occupational Health and Safety   EHS-0002      Beat the Heat Tearaway
                                                 EHS-0003      Adjustable Table Safety
                                                 EHS-0004      Beat the Heat Poster
                                                 EHS-0011      Mixing Chemicals
                                                 EHS-0013      No Headphones
                                                 EHS-0014      Chair Safety
                                                 EHS-0019      Prevent Workplace Violence 1
                                                 EHS-0023      Prevent Workplace Violence 2
                                                 EHS-0025      Power Bar Use
                                                 EHS-0026      Prevent Electrical Fire and Circuit Overload
Seasonal Safety                          EHS-0005      Protect Yourself from the Sun
                                                 EHS-0007      West Nile
                                                 EHS-0008      Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease
                                                 EHS-0009      Severe Weather
                                                 EHS-0010      Safe Grilling
                                                 EHS-0015      Boating Safety
                                                 EHS-0021      Slips, Trips and Falls
                                                 EHS-0027      Winter Driving Safety
                                                 EHS-0028      Pedestrian Travel Safety

Miscellaneous Safety Information


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