Booking Procedure

Hospitality Services

Booking Procedure

The organizer shall complete a Request for Alcohol Services Form at least fifteen business days before the event date. The form should be emailed to Hospitality Services will then contact the organizer to finalize the booking.

Popular licenced locations on campus where alcohol beverages are permitted to be sold, served and consumed by persons of legal drinking age are listed below:

  • Pond Inlet (indoor and outdoor)
  • Alphie’s Bistro (indoor and outdoor)
  • DeCew Dining Hall (indoor and outdoor)
  • Lowenberger Dining Hall
  • Sankey Chambers
  • Walker Complex Dance Studio
  • Market Hall
  • Sean O'Sullivan Theatre Lobby 
  • David S. Howes Theatre Lobby

Please Note: By request, other locations may be permitted for use, however, Hospitality Services requires the request at least 15 business days prior to the date of the function.



wine and beer on a tray