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Registration for Meningitis Clinic

Menactra Clinic Instructions

  1. Student Health Services Forms (Print off and complete)
  2. Please be on time for your appointment

  3. Prepare yourself by
    • Bringing payment for immunization
    • Be prepared to wait 20 minutes after the injection - Bring something to do
    • Bring in your yellow immunization card, if you have it
    • Amount $125 (cheque or exact change)
    • A receipt will be issued for reimbursement for insurance purposes (BUSU Healthplan members, the medication plan will allow you to be reimbursed 90%)
    • Wearing a short sleeve shirt

If you are booked for the afternoon, please eat lunch

We encourage you to talk to your doctor or medical staff at Student Health Services and consider broad protection against this disease.

For additional information visit:

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