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Information for members

What Happens at My First Visit?

Once all the paperwork is done, you are ready to get started. What should you expect?

• One of our students will do an orientation with you at your first session. At this orientation, you will do the following:
o Learn how to use all the cardiovascular equipment
o Understand your target heart rate zone and how to monitor your exercise intensity
o For each of the strength machines, we will set up and record all the machine adjustments, establish a safe starting weight for you, and teach you how use each piece of equipment properly
o Go through a series of exercises appropriate for your health conditions, fitness levels, and goals
o Try a variety of balance activities
o End it all with a relaxing stretch to enhance your flexibility
• You will receive your own personalized logbook. This logbook includes:
o An information sheet outlining important information about your health and safety information
o Logsheets describing the exercises in your program, including which exercises you will do, and information about how much weight, how many repetitions, and how many sets you are aiming for

What Happens After My First Visit?

• We don’t forget about you after that first visit. Most people need help the first few sessions at the gym and that’s okay, we are here to help. A student will go through your program as often as you need, until you are confident to do it on your own
• Students will monitor your form and technique every time you workout – that way you can be sure you are doing things safely and effectively
• If you need to change your program, just ask. Students are around to make any adjustments you may need. Whether it’s changing the weight or changing the exercise, all you have to do is ask

We update your logbooks regularly to ensure that you are continually making progress and being challenged