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Our Program

The Brock University Cardiac Rehabilitation program adheres to the standards outlined by the Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation (http://www.cacr.ca/).

It is important to note that an exercise stress test is required by all our patient’s before entering the program. The Brock University Cardiac Rehabilitation program will help the patient set-up a cardiologist supervised stress test.

An exercise stress test is used to assess each participant’s cardiac response to physical exercise, thus allowing us to prescribe individualized exercise rehabilitation.

The exercise stress test will be repeated at various times throughout the program to monitor progress and alter each patient’s exercise program accordingly. All results are faxed directly to the referring physician.

Once the stress test is complete, each patient schedules an intake. During the intake process the patient will be introduced to the staff. As well, each patient will be introduced to their individualized exercise program and shown how to use the exercise equipment.

At the beginning of rehabilitation, each patient will participate in aerobic training only. However, once the patient becomes more comfortable with their program and demonstrates progress in their cardiac health, resistance exercises may be introduced by choice of the patient.

All activities are supervised and heart rate monitoring is done throughout, while blood pressure is taken before and after each exercise session.

Each patient has their own exercise log book to keep track of their progress, heart rate and blood pressure readings each time they exercise. This log book may be taken with them at any time for a physician appointment so that the physician may see their progress.

Patients also attend educational sessions pertaining to cardiac health including topics such as nutrition, managing medication, smoking cessation tips, stress management, returning to work following a heart attack and other topics.

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