Tropical Travel Safety

Tropical Travel Safety

Safe & Healthy Reading Week

Are you planning on going away for reading week? Every year, thousands of university and college students travel to tropical locations like Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and the Caribbean. Because Student Health Services want to remind people to be aware of their health when travelling to hot destinations. 

It is important to keep in mind 5 key phrases:

Don’t get hit: Pay attention to road signs and other hazards; be aware of your surroundings.


Don’t get bit: Be sure to wear bug repellent at night to avoid diseases transmitted through bug bites such as Malaria and Dengue Fever. Also apply high SPF sunscreen as often as necessary, depending on your activities: after swimming, sweating, and 30 minutes before sun exposure.

Also be sure to get your immunizations as early as possible to avoid getting sick on vacation.


Don’t eat sh*t: Make sure to eat food that you have to peel, drink water only from bottles and avoid ice, food that has been sitting out for a while; Eat healthy and rehydrate often.


Don’t do it: Practice safe sex while away and remember to always carry a condom just in case.


Don’t get lit: Practice responsible drinking and refrain from having more than 5 drinks (guys) and 4 drinks (girls). Also avoid other substances and drugs; Be sure to have a buddy and watch your drinks because the date rape drug is odourless, colourless, tasteless, and easy to slip into someone’s drink.

Remind them to see SHS for information about where they are travelling, and to get their immunizations as early as possible!



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