Recognizing Your Stress

Recognizing Your Stress

What stresses you out? Realizing the things that stress you out is the first step in dealing with stress.

Look at this list below and try to pick out the stressors.

  • Losing your wallet
  • Your friend comes to visit for the weekend
  • Your pet dying
  • Struggling in a class
  • Coming down with a cold
  • Not finishing assignments on time
  • Being late for work
  • Realizing you can't pay next months rent
  • Breaking up with your boy/girlfriend
  • Fighting with your family
  • Getting new furniture

If you thought that all these items can be stressors, then you are right! All the items on the list can cause people to become stressed. Stress isn't always just something that you worry about. It is made up of many different types of things and many people don't realize all the things that are causing distress in their life.

To identify the stressors in your life, look at any changes that you are experiencing. Generally, people associate stress with only things that will worry them. However stress is most often related to any type of change in a person's life.

Some changes to look for in your life are changes in your:

  • personal life in relation to your emotions
  • personal life in relation to your hormonal levels
  • physical well-being in relation to your level of health (ex/ illness and allergies)
  • physical well-being in relation to how hard you push your body
  • environmental conditions (ex/ weather or climate)
  • tobacco/alcohol/drug usage
  • life that occur without your control

Another thing to remember is what stresses one person will not always have the same affect on another person. Stress varies on an individual basis. 

stress tip

"Ease up on criticism of others."


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