Birth Control

Birth Control


Below are some questions that will help you determine whether a particular type of birth control method will work well for you. For the method of birth control that you are considering, check the most appropriate answer for each question.


1. Are you afraid of using this method?
2. Would you rather not use this method?
3. Will you have trouble remembering to use this method?
4. Have you become pregnant while using this method?
5. Will you have trouble using this method carefully?
6. Do you have unanswered questions about this method?
7. Does this method make your menstrual periods longer or more painful?
8. Does this method cost more than you can afford?
9. Does this method ever cause you serious health problems?
10. Do you object to this method because of religious beliefs?
11. Have you already had problems using this method?
12. Is your partner opposed to this method?
13. Are you using this method without your partner's knowledge?
14. Will using this method embarrass you?
15. Will using this method embarrass your partner?
16. Will you enjoy intercourse less because of this method?
17. Will this method interrupt lovemaking?
18. Has a nurse or doctor ever told you not to use this method?
Source: From J. L. Carrol & P. R. Wolpe (1996) Sexuality and Gender in Society.

Click the Score button below for your total number of "Yes" answers.


"Yes" answers mean that potential problems may arise. In general, the more "yes" answers you have, the less likely you are to use this method consistently and correctly every time you have sexual intercourse