Faculty and Staff Forms

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Faculty and Staff Forms

Miscellaneous Forms 

Jack M. Miller Excellence in Research Award Nomination Form (Form fillable)

Completion of Doctoral Candidacy Requirements (Form Fillable)

Application for a DGS Research Fellowship - FMS (Form Fillable)

Application for Reinstatement (Form fillable)

Reinstatement Decision (Form Fillable)

Internal Request for Admission to Master's Program (For students not continuing in a Brock PhD Program) (Form Fillable)

Graduate Student Annual Progress Report for External Scholarship Recipients (Form Fillable)

Required Program Withdrawal Request (Form Fillable)

Request to Change a Grade (Form Fillable)

Probationary Status Request (Form Fillabe)

Graduate Research Fellowship Funding Information Form (Form Fillable)

International Entrance Bursary Application (Form Fillable)

Designation of Graduate Program Director - Form not available. Contact Faculty of Graduate Studies Ext. 4490


Doctoral Thesis Defences 

PhD Defence Checklist (Form Fillable)

PhD Defence External Examiner Approval (Form Fillable)

PhD Certificate of Approval (only one copy required) (Form Fillable)

Supervisory Committee Approval of Thesis for Oral Defence (Form Fillable)

Report of PhD Thesis Examination Committee(Form Fillable)

Reimbursement of Expenses

Graduate Thesis Confidentiality Agreement (Form Fillable)


Masters' Thesis Defences 

Report of the MA Thesis Examination Committee (Faculty of Humanities)

Master’s Certificate of Approval (only one copy required)

Graduate Thesis Confidentiality Agreement


Graduate Student Forms