David Allison, MSc Applied Health Sciences

Faculty of Graduate Studies

David Allison, MSc Applied Health Sciences

David is the recipient of numerous donor-based awards. The awards support his research in the area of spinal cord injuries

David’s research story
"Over the past two years my research has been focused in the area of spinal cord injuries under the supervision of Dr. David Ditor. Specifically, our research examines the potential of a molecular interference on nerve function in humans. Previous research has shown molecules such as cytokines can cause detrimental effects to nerve function when at highly elevated concentrations. This has important implications concerning individuals with spinal cord injuries as it has been shown that following such an injury, cytokine are typically shown to be at chronically elevated levels. This line of research has however, previously only been performed using animal models. The findings of our research could therefore have clinical significance as if shown to negatively affect nerve function, future studies may examine methods of reducing chronic cytokine elevations or preventing their negative effects, thereby allowing for some neurological return."

The importance of graduate awards and scholarships
"The ability to continue focusing on my research while finding time to help run the rehabilitation centre would not be possible if it were not for the generosity of Brock donors. Their donations have not only been a tremendous help to myself and my research but have also made a difference in the lives of those living with spinal cord injuries in the Niagara region. The tremendous financial burdens associated with spinal cord injury often make rehabilitation programs an unaffordable option. However, the scholarships and bursaries made available by donors make it possible for us to donate more of our time to the program and provide free training, vital to the maintenance of function and independence in this population."

About the graduate experience at Brock
"Pursuing a master’s degree at Brock has given me the opportunity to work with and learn from some extremely talented and knowledgeable researchers on a project that I am truly invested in and passionate about. It has also provided me with the unique opportunity to work one-to-one with individuals with spinal cord injuries from the Niagara region in Dr. Ditor’s accessible training facility. Fellow graduate student Hisham Sheriff and I run the rehabilitation centre whereby individuals take part in specialized training programs to help maintain health and physical fitness."


David Allison