Did you know...

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Did you know...

• there are more than 1,700 students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees in 44 graduate programs with more programs in development

• 545 international students from more than 80 countries are graduate students at Brock

guaranteed funding in our research programs provides students with financial assistance so they can devote their time and energy to their work

• graduate students are recognized for academic and research excellence through financial support from internal and external scholarship and award competitions — this year, graduate student award funding totals approximately $2.5 million

• Brock scored higher than average on the strength of the supervisory and teaching experiences offered to our graduate students in the bi-annual Graduate and Professional Student Survey

• the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) supports the graduate student community and advocates for graduate students in important ways

Mapping the New Knowledges Graduate Student Research Conference is held each year to showcase knowledge, creativity and innovation of graduate students at all phases of their degrees — more than 100 oral and poster presentations are made at the annual April conference

• in addition to many services and resources, the James A. Gibson Library provides quiet study and meeting spaces for graduate students only on its sixth floor

• the Academic + Professional Development Program will help you take on one of the most important projects of your life — preparing to transfer your academic knowledge to a career; a full range of workshops and seminars are presented free of charge to graduate students each year